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nudgepad - A node.js content management system


Unif, Inc.


...Application Security...
Michael Coates Application Security Blog
A Circular History Loop
about:community | News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.
News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.
Alexander Limi
…on Firefox, interaction design, content management & Plone.
An Idea .. | .. to create and innovate.
This is a website of Girish Sharma, mainly made to blog about his latest projects and works.
Andreas Gal
Answers and Questions
Attention Mozilla Test Writers!
Burrito Justice
Clint Talbert — Fantasy and Science Fiction Author
Fantasy and Science Fiction Author
cloquewerk's thought bank
Code Simplicity
Composite | Liz Henry's blog
ffledgling's blog | “You're never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.”
“You're never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.”
Graphical Timeline of Events | An Idea ..
Home page for the add-on Graphical Timeline of Events, a Developer Tool for Firefox.
Gregory Szorc'c Digital Home
Harth's Blog
Ian Bicking: a blog
Index — The Bear Patch
John Ford - things that I remembered to write about
John O'Duinn's Soapbox - Just another WordPress weblog
Jordan Santell
Learning to make by making... - World of E's
Learning to make by making... Mozilla is doing a bunch of thinking and work around creating learning offerings for webmaking and web literacy. We are working on defining what we think the core set of...
Mihnea DB
My personal blog. Mostly technical stuff.
New blog on block as N.Y.U., Times team to get hyper
philiKON – a journal
Sheep Guarding Llama » Blog Archive » CPUs, Cores and Threads: How Many Processors Do I Have?
Taras’ Blog
Ted’s Mozilla Blog
The Becka Blogs: The Magic Rose and An Unexpected Loss
The Holbert Report
Water on Rock
Clint Talbert's blog
Water on Rock


commons/src/python/twitter/pants/targets at master · twitter/commons
commons - Twitter common libraries for python and the JVM
facebook/buck · GitHub
buck - Buck: An Android build tool
gyp - Generate Your Projects - Google Project Hosting
GypLanguageSpecification - gyp - Generate Your Projects - Google Project Hosting
MakeComparison < Main < TWiki
metamake 1.1.7 : Python Package Index
Metamake is a dead-simple task-based automation tool written in Python.


Coccinelle: A Program Matching and Transformation Tool for Systems Code


iCalendar Generator
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
Radicale - CalDAV and CardDAV Server - A Simple Calendar and Contact Server


The Career Portal -
The Career Portal - Community Portal for Career Job Jobs CV Resume OpenSource IT


Big Cat Rescue Spot-lights March
Colorpoint Shorthair Cats | Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Info & Pictures | petMD
Learn everything about Colorpoint Shorthair Cats. Find all Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Information, pictures of Colorpoint Shorthair Cats, training, photos and care tips.
Mission: Cats
A Unique Cat Only Boarding Experience
Pat Brody Shelter for Cats: Welcome to Our Web Site
The Pat Brody Shelter for Cats is a non-profit, no-kill shelter. We, through our volunteers, rescue stray and abandoned cats and kittens and care for them until they are placed in good homes.
Purr Purr: Catflakes
Wonder Cat Rescue


Candy box !
Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory - YouTube
Stand up vet Dom Irrera chats up old and new comedian friends live on the world famous Laugh Fact...
What's the most intellectual joke you know? : AskReddit
Yesterday's "dumb joke" thread got me thinking about this.


ipatch, the interactive patch editor - nomeata’s mind shares




Aegis 4.24
Come Work with Us | Codecademy
en, views.about.index.tagline
creationix (Tim Caswell)
creationix has 187 repositories written in JavaScript, Lua, and Shell. Follow their code on GitHub.
Creationix Innovations - By Tim Caswell
Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People
HepForge > Projects
HepForge is a free collaborative development for particle physics software projects
Learn to code | Codecademy
Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.
Open Data Structures
Open Source Ecology
Public Git Hosting
public git hosting
rainforce - ever-changing code brings the world closer to perfection - Google Project Hosting - Help
Online Interpreters in JavaScript. Try Python, Ruby, Scheme, Lua, CoffeeScript and more programming languages. Online coding and REPL. Run and share code. - Select a Language
Online Interpreters in JavaScript. Try Python, Ruby, Scheme, Lua, CoffeeScript and more programming languages. Online coding and REPL. Run and share code.
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0
Take the pain out of code review | Review Board
The Setup / Hello
The Twelve-Factor App
A methodology for building modern, scalable, maintainable software-as-a-service apps.
Toward a Semantic Literary Web: Setting a Direction for the Electronic Literature Organization's Directory
Toward a Semantic Literary Web: Setting a Direction for the Electronic Literature Organization's Directory
Wiggle 1.0 | A Taciturn Disposition





Basic REST API · tinkerpop/rexster Wiki
rexster - A Graph Server
lambdazen / bitsy / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
OrientDB Graph-Document NoSQL dbms
Overview of Bulbs, a Python Framework for Graph Databases like Neo4j | Bulbflow

VivaGraphJS - Graph drawing library for JavaScript
Automatic graph layout with JointJS and Dagre
Render and layout directed graphs automatically with JointJS diagramming library and Dagre directed layout engine.
dagre - Directed graph renderer for javascript
graphlib - A directed multi-graph library for JavaScript
Cytoscape: An Open Source Platform for Complex Network Analysis and Visualization
Cytoscape Official Web Site
A JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualisation (compatible with Node.js, jQuery 1.4+, and plain JavaScript)
DAG 0 : Python Package Index
An implementation of a directed acyclic graph.
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
statechart - Statechart implementation in JavaScript
Directory Graph
dynatree - Project Hosting on Google Code
Gengraph :
graph-tool is an efficient python module for graph analysis and manipulation
graphbook - A book on algorithmic graph theory - Google Project Hosting
graphlab - A framework for large-scale machine learning and graph computation.
GraphStream - A Dynamic Graph Library
GraphStream, java library, API, Graph Visualisation, Graph Layout
Home · tinkerpop/gremlin Wiki
gremlin - A Graph Traversal Language
Home · tinkerpop/rexster Wiki
rexster - A Graph Server
House of Graphs - Welcome
InfoGrid Web Graph Database
dag - Directed Acyclic Graph Workflow Tool
lambdazen — Bitbucket
lambdazen is a developer. Member since April 2013. Currently owns 2 public repositories.
lcrees / graphalchemy / source / — Bitbucket
Linux software
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
Linux software
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
Dandelion - Network controllable 3D graph rendering
markrcote/flot-axislabels - GitHub
Axis Labels Plugin for Flot
mxGraph Workflow Example - MyWorkflow
ocamlgraph: an ocaml graph library Home
blueprints - A Property Graph Model Interface
Overview — NetworkX
Property Graph Model · tinkerpop/blueprints Wiki
blueprints - A Property Graph Model Interface
Python Web Graph Generator
Rexster Graph Server · thinkaurelius/titan Wiki
titan - Distributed Graph Database
SCOTCH: Static Mapping, Graph, Mesh and Hypergraph Partitioning, and Parallel and Sequential Sparse Matrix Ordering Package
Springy - A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript.
TCS - Software - bliss
The GraphML File Format
The igraph library for complex network research
TinkerGraph · tinkerpop/blueprints Wiki
blueprints - A Property Graph Model Interface
TinkerPop Book: Harness the Power of Graphs with Gremlin and the TinkerPop Stack
Learn how to use the TinkerPop stack with new open-source graph technologies to build the next generation of real-time, data-driven applications.
blueprints - A Property Graph Model Interface
WoPeD | WoPeD (Workflow Petri Net Designer) is an open-source software developed at the Cooperative State University Karlsruhe under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


Espruino - Home
A JavaScript interpreter for Microcontrollers
Espruino: JavaScript for Things by Gordon Williams — Kickstarter
Gordon Williams is raising funds for Espruino: JavaScript for Things on Kickstarter! The world's first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts, now Open Source. Be creative with intelligent control!


links having to do with information


DCMI Metadata Terms
Droste effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Search Tools - Paladin Consultants, LLC
NJ Web development service, .net web development & custom programming services provided by Paladin. Paladin offers Information Technology Web Services with highly professional services such as computer consultant, database consulting, Database Development, IT Computer Consulting, SQL server case and much more.
Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information. The place to share useful resources with other programmers.


Category:English formal terms - Wiktionary
Category:English rare forms - Wiktionary
Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagram, anagrams, nag a ram, software, anagramme, anagrama, wordplay, word play, anagram creator, anagram solver, anagram finder, anagram generator, anagram maker, anagram unscrambler, anagram machine, crossword, transmogrify, pangram, shuffle
Discover the magic of anagrams with the Internet Anagram Server
Online Etymology Dictionary
Polygen – Freecode
A random sentence generator according to a grammar definition (BNF).
relict - Wiktionary
Search Wiktionary
Semantic network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia List of Unicode characters in block 'Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs'
List of Unicode characters in block: 'Miscellaneous Symbols And Pictographs'
The LexiGraf web page<
The LexiGraf 2.1 software environment has been developed under MS Windows to assist the creation of multilingual and bilingual terminology dictionaries in book format. Any language combination supported by MS Windows can be accom- modated to a maximum of 8 languages. The system offers direct transition from terminology collection to the printing press; provides terminology management services, LAN use and excellent quality output to typesetters for subsequent printing-pr ess reproduction. Multilingual dictionaries produced by LexiGraf deploy a term reference index technique, which allows their direct implemen- tation in 2 volumes, regardless of requested number of languages. By combining available languages by 2 bilingual dictionaries are automatically produced ready for the printing press. Newly introduced features include process integration with OCR products for updating existing terminology resources and connection layers with popular D! TP! software products. The resulting database files can be utilized for electronic media publishing undertakings. Currently this product is being used in Thessaloniki Greece (Foreign language teaching Centre of the Aristotle Univ. Thessaloniki) on a 4 lang uage (Engl/French/German/Greek) natural sciences dictionary + 10 bilingual ones + electronic versions
User:msh210 - Wiktionary (DCD-style cats) : The magic of words. word, language, quote, quotation, anagram, dictionary, words, languages, quotes, quotations, anagrams, dictionaries
Welcome to Wordsmith.Org, the home of A.Word.A.Day, Internet Anagram Server, wordserver, Listat, and more...

Thought maps

Home - Freeplane - free mind mapping and knowledge management software
Topic Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Topic Maps Lab - Topic Maps Engine - Topic Maps - Topic Maps Engines

Category theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
dedis@yale | Dissent: Accountable Anonymous Group Communication
Electronic Literature Organization
Generating Tag Cloud the Unix way
google-diff-match-patch - Diff, Match and Patch libraries for Plain Text - Google Project Hosting
Home - OpenSearch
Home | OpenCalais
Hypershifters Visualize IT Working
International platform on information visualization. Featuring: expert tests, product reviews, comparison tests
ICU - International Components for Unicode
Information architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Journey Map | Dark Patterns - User Interfaces Designed to Trick People
Libextractor - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
a simple library for keyword extraction - Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community is a link exchange for the technical computing and engineering community.
data sharing and replication tool
Ontology Design Patterns . org (ODP) - Odp
OpenLink Data Explorer (a Linked Data Browser)
Taming Information - Information organizers, information management and methods
The Linking Open Data cloud diagram
TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
TreeLine - News
What is an RO? - Documents - Wf4Ever Wiki
What is CLIPS?
Wikimedia projects - Meta



AutoSuggest jQuery Plugin |
Drew Wilson is an art director, web developer, entrepreneur, and photographer residing in Oceanside, California
DataTables (table plug-in for jQuery)
HTML5 File Upload Script, jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin - Uploadify / UploadiFive - Uploadify
Index of /data/firefox/addons/extensions
Jeditable - Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery -
jFeed jquery plugin
jQuery RSS/ATOM feed parser plugin. Contribute to jFeed development by creating an account on GitHub.
JQConsole by replit
jQuery Tokeninput
jquery/jquery-tmpl - GitHub
jquery-tmpl - A templating plugin for jQuery.


autonode – Gemnasium
autonode - Connect a cluster on a single machine. One node starts a server on a given port, but if the address is in use, become a client, and connect to that port instead.
shell-jobs - Human-friendly Cron replacement in NodeJS
browserify-server – Gemnasium
browserify-server - Browserify bundling + static server in one!
vows - Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js
topcube - Webkit Bindings for node
Dependencies status for Raynos/calendar – Gemnasium
calendar - Calendar UI component
Dependencies status for Raynos/distributed-map – Gemnasium
distributed-map - A distributed key value store in the browser
jspromise - Promises/A+ implementation
distributed-map – Gemnasium
distributed-map - A distributed key value store in the browser
ecstatic – Gemnasium
ecstatic - A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron
postmile - Collaborative list making tool written in Node.js
config-leaf - Hide your sensitive node.js bits in plain sight.
npm-mirror - A utility for mirroring a subset of npm packages from another npm registry
fixit - FixIt — Commenting System for Online Content
noflo - Flow-based programming for JavaScript
live-reload - A live reload server & client
node-webkit - Call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enable a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.
node-worker-farm - Distribute processing tasks to child processes with an über-simple API and baked-in durability & custom concurrency options.
ShareJS Examples
tab-stream – Gemnasium
tab-stream - net style streams between browser tabs
steampunk - Simple web-based IRC client with integrated bouncer.
Vows « Asynchronous BDD for Node

[PROPOSED] Browser Testing and Tools Working Group
About — JSHint
A JavaScript Code Quality Tool
AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps. Declarative templates with data-binding, MVW, MVVM, MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript!
arbor.js » introduction
conversationThreading-js/jwz.js at master · maxogden/conversationThreading-js
conversationThreading-js - javascript port of JWZ email conversation threading
CTho's JavaScript Toys
DarkBox | DarkTrojan
joint - JavaScript diagramming library
Dealing with JavaScript's Automatic Semicolon Insertion | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
jspath - DSL that enables you to navigate and find data within your JSON documents
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS
Drag and Drop | DarkTrojan
Ender - the no-library JavaScript library
flot - Project Hosting on Google Code
Gordon · tobeytailor/gordon Wiki
gordon - An open source Flash™ runtime written in pure JavaScript.
Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage
Highcharts - Interactive JavaScript charts for your web pages.
hij1nx/SugarSkull - GitHub
SugarSkull - A Client Side Router for Single Page Apps
isaacs's arg-parse-js at master - GitHub
Javascript Closures
JavaScript for Cats
JavaScript Garden
A Guide to JavaScript's Quirks and Flaws.
Javascript PC Emulator
JavaScript QuadTree Implementation at Mike Chambers
code = joy
jhs/jss at master - GitHub
jss - Unix stream tool using for Javascript and JSON
John Resig - How JavaScript Timers Work
JointJS - JavaScript diagramming library.
Create interactive diagrams in JavaScript easily. JointJS plugins for ERD, Org chart, FSA, UML, PN, DEVS, LDM diagrams are ready to use.
JS Charts – Free JavaScript charts
JS Charts is a free JavaScript chart generator that requires little or no coding for you to create highly customizable bar charts, pie charts and line graphs. Create a chart right now for free only with our JS Charts generator! Online JavaScript chart templates.
JsUnit :: blog
jx Library Explained
jx is a small toolkit for providing AJAX support in JavaScript. It supports GET and POST method. The supported return types are plain text and JSON. It does NOT support XML return. This page attempts to explain the inner working of this script - line by line.
Katamari Hack
KevLinDev - Tutorials - JavaScript
michael/data - GitHub
Data manipulation and persistence for Node.js and the Browser
Mingyi Liu's javascript to create auto-complete type-ahead effect for drop down menus in internet explorer
this javascript creates an auto-complete/type-ahead/find-as-you-type effect for dropdown/popup menus in web forms for internet explorer (IE)
Mocha - the fun, simple, flexible JavaScript test framework
Modules - node - GitHub
evented I/O for v8 javascript
org-js - Parser and converter for org-mode notation written in JavaScript
Online JSON Parser
Analyze your JSON string as you type with an online Javascript parser, featuring tree view and syntax highlighting.
buildify - Builder for creating distributable JavaScript files from source. Concatenate, wrap, uglify.
PeerJS - Simple peer-to-peer with WebRTC
Where peers connect and data channels easily.
Point, Charset, Match: Character Encoding in JavaScript
Processing is an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. It is a context for learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts.
Proxy - MDC Doc Center
Raphaël—JavaScript Library
Vector Graphics JavaScript Library
Related work: Substance.Operator and Substance.Chronicle · Issue #229 · share/ShareJS
We're building a collaborate editor that combines Operational Transformation with versioning. That way we can support both, offline and online collab. We released our own OT library yesterday as part of our open source stack. We've also contributed a library for versioning. They're considered low level components, so writing the glue code is up to the users. There's a higher level interface, Substa...
selenium - Project Hosting on Google Code
Selenium 2.0 and WebDriver — Selenium Documentation
SIMILE Widgets | Timeline
svmjs Support Vector Machine in Javascript: demo
then/promise - promises
promise - Bare bones Promises/A+ implementation
ThreeNodes.js::0.1.1 Power-ups for your browser
Thousands of userscripts to enhance your browsing experience
voxel.js * blocks in yo browser
javascript multiplayer voxel engine
X-editable Demo
JavaScript Client Side XML Schema Validation

Add a link
Instructions for Domain Mapping – How can we help?
Jeff Hammel - Terra |
View Jeff Hammel on makes it easy for you to learn about Jeff Hammel’s background and interests. - Cloud Servers - Rackspace
Profile page | Cozy Cloud
Cozy Cloud is a whole new paradigm for web services: it is your own private personal cloud. Cozy gives you a personal server, a place you can trust to store all your personal data and host web apps. You can hack it, you can host it, you can delete it. You are in control and your privacy is respected.



ReleaseEngineering:DockerMockComparison - MozillaWiki


emacsclient Options - GNU Emacs Manual
EmacsWiki: Category Dot Emacs
whit-dot-emacs/whits-dot-emacs.el at master · whitmo/whit-dot-emacs · GitHub
whit-dot-emacs - My dot emacs files


DLNA: what it is and what you need to know | News | TechRadar
DLNA: what it is and what you need to know - It's now easy to stream music, video and other media around the house without any hassle. DNLA is a big part of home streaming, so what is it? Buying advice from the leading technology site
Set up a DLNA Server in a Minute » Linux Magazine
DLNA provides a hassle-free solution for sharing digital media between devices, and you can put this technology to good use on your local network. Install DLNA software on a server on your network, and you can easily access photos, videos, and music fr...
Stupeflix - Make video slideshows with photos, music
Make beautiful videos the fun and easy way! Trip memories, wedding videos, business ads, virtual tours: just add photos, clips, music and watch it come to life!


bash, zsh, pyshell, etc

fish shell
A smart and user-friendly command line shell
Mosh: the mobile shell
Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo. Like SSH secure shell, but allows mobility and more responsive and robust.
Overview — GraphTerm 0.34.0 documentation
pyshell: Summary
robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh · GitHub
oh-my-zsh - A community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 120+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, macports, etc), over 120 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.


A sysadmin talks OpenSSH tips and tricks |
gnome keyring - How to manually trigger ssh add dialog box? - Ask Ubuntu (123636)
Setting Up ssh-agent to Ask Passphrase Only Once |


about - awesome window manager
Better window placement for every WM | Jkx@home
Devil's Pie documentation [foosel.(net|org)]
DevilsPie - GNOME Wiki!
Fluxbox Documentation
Fluxspace | Free Development software downloads at
Fluxspace seeks to add advanced desktop functionality to pure window managers, like Fluxbox. It leverages existing tools, like Rox Filer and Idesk, …
Gkrellm Theme : Invisible by Jkx | Jkx@home
Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock - Home | JWM (Joe's Window Manager) | JWM (Joe's Window Manager)
Overview - Unagi Compositing Manager - projects
PYWM - your Python-programmable X Window Manager
This site offers some nice styles for fluxbox, the finest windowmanager available, some wallpapers and random, maybe usefule stuff.
Wiki - Unagi Compositing Manager - projects
Window Managers for X
A guide to window managers and desktops for the X Window System and Linux/UNIX

[ubuntu] How do I open .dmg on linux?
Yes, .dmg can be opened on linux despite what smart people may say :) I tried following this guide And I wrote joh@Johs-Zepto:~$ sudo mount -t hfs -o loop'/home/joh/Desktop/Alumin Fortis.dmg' /macdisk
[ubuntu] Intel wireless card not detected - Ubuntu Forums
[ubuntu] Intel wireless card not detected Networking & Wireless
<-- gts -->
~zeitgeist-dataproviders/zeitgeist-datasources/trunk : files for revision 179
0install: 0release
11.04 - How do I set a "custom" browser as default in Preferred Applications - Ask Ubuntu
30 Things I did After Installing Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail | Tech Drive-in
A Cleanstart for your new Ubuntu (Install Packages from a list) | SilverWav's Journal
The best is yet to come... (by SilverWav)
A Guide to Efficiently Using Irssi and Screen |
About Nix
autokey - Desktop automation utility for Linux and X11 - Google Project Hosting
BALL - Biochemical Algorithms Library — The BALL Website
C++ Frequently Questioned Answers
ClipboardModifier - clipboard-modifier - Jump page for Clipboard-modifier - Modify the contents of the clipboard in a variety of ways - Google Project Hosting
Conky - Screenshots
This is the homepage for Conky, which is a light-weight system monitor.
cpufreqd - How to configure you cpu speed | Linux Operating System - Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch
cybercafe.font "dynamic" menus in fluxbox
Devil's Pie
Directory Manager
Docker - the Linux container engine
Docker encapsulates heterogeneous payloads in standard containers
Dual monitors with fluxbox - JustLinux Forums
Dual monitors with fluxbox How I Did It!
Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code
Emacs Tips for Python Programmers
Emacs Tips for Python Programmers
Ethernet Events with Cuttlefish » Tinkering with Linux and Electronics
FAQ · kr/beanstalkd Wiki · GitHub
beanstalkd - Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue.
FcronQ Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Games Utilities Screensaver QT Linux
Find best open source projects across all platforms
Find best open source projects across all platforms
firefox - How can I manually change the default web browser? - Ask Ubuntu
Fluxbox - Community Ubuntu Documentation
FreeHDL index Page
GKrellM 2.0 Plugin Programmers Reference
GKrellM Plugins - Jindrich Makovicka's Home Site
Jindrich Makovicka Home Site
gkrellm-clipp | Free software downloads at
gkrellm clipp - clipboard history
Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities
GNU `make'
GNU `make'
GNU Telephony » Blog Archive » GNU Free Call Announced
GNU Xnee | recorder/replay for GNU/Linux and other X11 based systems
recorder/replay for GNU/Linux and other X11 based systems
GRASS GIS - Visualization and volumetric 3D examples
hollow/inosync · GitHub
inosync - inotify sync daemon
How to find out which process is listening upon a port
Tips for a Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator.
HowTo open .dmg file (Mac Disk Images) with Linux
inotify - How do I program for Linux's new `fanotify` file system monitoring feature? - Stack Overflow
Jim's Web Nook | Software | x11-ssh-askpass
x-recorder - Node based bin and library to capture X11 output
Linux and Umlaut Typing
Linux Sleuthing: Parsing the iPhone SMS Database
Linux: Default browser - FVue
mancoosi - managing software complexity
MGLTools Website - Welcome — MGLTools
This site is designed for discussing, sharing and distributing MGLTools and related contents.
Note: Ubuntu Default Folders | SilverWav's Journal
The best is yet to come... (by SilverWav)
OpenSSH Public Key Authentication
osx - How do I create a nice-looking DMG for Mac OS X using command-line tools? - Stack Overflow
Overview - autokey - Autokey: Glossary, what it does for you and how it works. - Desktop automation utility for Linux and X11 - Google Project Hosting
PackageKit - Main Page
PackageKit - What is PackageKit?
pastebinit | Stéphane Graber's website
Python2.4, Python2.5 and Ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx « A Linux Geek wandering around
Raggle: News
Raggle - Console RSS Aggregator.
RFC 5424 - The Syslog Protocol
Rise of the Floating Fonters |
ROXTerm, a full-featured VTE terminal emulator
Sample Fn-F7 script - ThinkWiki
Schedule - GNOME Wiki!
screen_ssh |
Set default browser to OPEN browser - Ask Ubuntu
Sound Juicer
Structure Synth
Structure Synth is a tool for creating 3D structures from a set of user specified rules.
Structure Synth | Free Graphics software downloads at
Structure Synth generates 3D structures by specifying a design grammar. Even simple systems may generate surprising and complex structures. Structure …
syrep 0.9
System76 - Ubuntu Laptops, Desktops, and Servers
System76 manufactures high quality Ubuntu laptops, desktops, and servers - paired with industry leading support and customer service.
This site offers some nice styles for fluxbox, the finest windowmanager available, some wallpapers and random, maybe usefule stuff.
Terminal Mixer
TermKit is Terminal Reimagined, Install TermKit in Ubuntu 11.04 Easily | Tech Drive-in
The Default Browser on Linux Debacle | Evan Teran's Blog
The Raving Rick: Install Apps from PPAs without Using the Terminal
The Raving Rick: Quickly: 90 Seconds to Your PPA
Tracker Project
ubuntu - How can I monitor the CPU temperature under linux? - Super User
unconed/TermKit - GitHub
TermKit - Experimental Terminal platform built on WebKit + node.js. Currently only for Mac and Windows, though the prototype works 90% in any WebKit browser.
UnionFsFuse - Radek Podgorny
virtenv Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Games Utilities Screensaver QT Linux
Welcome to the documentation for XMDS2! — XMDS2 2.1.3 documentation
Why do Firefox, Preferred Applications and x-www-browser disagree on default browser? - Ask Ubuntu
Window Switch Home
Window Switch Home Page, home of the window switch software which allows you to display running applications on other computers
WindowLab: rethinking the window manager
WindowLab: rethinking the window manager
Zhu3D Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Games Utilities Screensaver QT Linux


A Free DLNA Media Server For Mac, Windows, and Linux
TVMOBiLi is a free UPnP/DLNA media server for Mac, Windows and Linux.
A Murder of Crows ~ Full Episode | Nature
Although cultures around the world may regard the crow as a scavenger, bad omen, or simply a nuisance, this bad reputation might overshadow what could be
Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning | Home - Large Size Panoramas
HOW TO: Stream Your Media to Every Device in the House
The Innovative Entertainment Series is supported by Dolby. Superhero. Mayor. Status update reader. Adam West could read your Facebook status, live. Connected TV might still be a...
Khan Academy
Les Mondes Engloutis - La Danse des Pirates.
This a clip from the French Anime Spartakus and the Sun beneath the Sea.Un clip de la danse des pirates issue du dessin animé les Mondes Engloutis.La Danse d... - Song lyrics search database
Large wiki style database of song lyrics with real time suggestions, related music videos and links to DRM-free mp3's.
MediaTomb - Free UPnP MediaServer
MiniDLNA 1.0.24
Moon Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or the Sam Rockwell movie
Moon Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Sam Rockwell movie
Plex - A Complete Media Solution
rss - Is it possible to export your Netflix queue? - Super User
Serviio media server
Serviio is a free media server for Window, Mac and Linux. It enables streaming video, audio and images to your DLNA certified device.
SimpleDLNA — A simple, zero-config DLNA media server, that you can just fire up and be done with it
skinny puppy samples
The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [ird059] : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
For more than 30 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are...
The Totalitarian Buddhist Who Beat Sim City « Viceland Games
This girl--ummm software--can really rock. Hatsune Miku is the hologram taking Japanese concert arenas by storm. Idoru is here. - Love in the Age of Robots
VortexBox 4TB Automatic CD ripping NAS
VortexBox autoripping NAS
VortexBox user forum - About
files automatically music windows vortexbox support osx xbox unused automatic
VortexBox user forum - VortexBox Appliance
VortexBox Appliance
WNYC - Radiolab: Limits (April 16, 2010)
YouTube - les mondes engloutis episodes
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world
Obama declares his intent to kick somebody's ass, though determining the specific ass to be kicked may require an executive task force. The aggression of thi...
YouTube - Real life vs internet / red vs blue
a halo video about the differens between internet and real life
YouTube - Vampire Weekend - "Cousins" (Official Music Video)
Vampire Weekend bring you this energetic clip for "Cousins" the debut video off their upcoming album "Contra" due in stores worldwide the week of January 11....



2010Q2Goals - MFIntranet
2010Q3Goals - MFIntranet
Ateam Calendar
Ateam Calendar
Ateam/Winmo/1.0/todo - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/brasstacksEnv - MFIntranet
Auto-tools/Goals - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Goals/2011Q1 - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Goals/BigDreams - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/New Contributor - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Project Backlog - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects/CrossWeave - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects/Halreftest - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects/WebUXPlatform - MozillaWiki
Ctalbert/Aaron's Links - MozillaWiki
ESXi VM Information - MFIntranet
jonallengriffin / grafxbot / source —
Mercurial hosting - we're here to serve.
MoPad: ATeamHat
MoPad: perf-breakout
mozillapulse: Summary
Pages tagged with "Automated testing" - MDC
QA/Mozmill Test Automation - MozillaWiki
types of data we care about in a manifest | 3.1415926535897932384626433…
User:Anodelman - MFIntranet


mozilla version control

Getting Mozilla Source Code Using Mercurial - MDC
Mercurial Queues - MDC
Mozilla DXR Source Code Index
mozilla cross-reference
My Git Workflow for Mozilla Development
Publishing Mercurial Clones - MDC
Publishing Mercurial Clones - MDC
So, you're about to use checkin-needed... - More sleep, less work.
Using Mercurial - MDC
Working with Mozilla source code - MDC


Go Faster! Dashboard
Gregory Szorc's Digital Home
MoPad: gps-build-tools-and-automation-wishlist
heka - Data collection and processing made easy.


issues from bugzilla

Bug 504440 – Use a global timeout for command line tests to kill the process if Firefox doesn't respond
Bug 559929 – Run performance tests on top addons
Bug 562173 – Mozmill, Mozrunner, and Jsbridge need a "--version" command line parameter
Bug 562473 – Mozmill should contain separate files for easier uninstalled running
Bug 563523 – Create script to start a Mozmill test-run against specific builds
Bug 563748 – Implement a seamless usage of the httpd server with a proxy.pac
Bug 565733 – Tracking bug: audit mozrunner and figure out potential directions for improvement
Bug 570813 – unify command line front end for mozmill
Bug 573589 – Mozmill's log output format should match other testing systems'
Bug 574293 – [EB] Implement new "Install Multiple Add-ons" buttons & page
Bug 586418 – Identify builders that are spending most of their time doing setup/teardown
Bug 600736 – Need to modify twistd patch on all Win32 slaves to properly manage processes
Bug 68702 – Implement inter-process communication (IPC) in Mozilla (protozilla)
Bugmasters/Guide - MozillaWiki's Bugzilla Dashboard's Bugzilla Dashboard


addon - Bugmasters Extension r. 56 by tizsel - Add-on Builder
Aza's Bugzilla Helper
BMO - MozillaWiki
Bugzilla 3.6 Release Notes :: Bugzilla ::
Bugzilla Dashboard
Bugzilla fastness
Bugzilla Helper :: Add-ons for Thunderbird
Bugzilla Quick Search
Bugzilla Todos
Bugzilla usage worldwide | LpSolit's blog
Let's talk about Bugzilla (and other Mozilla stuff) (par Frédéric Buclin)
Bugzilla:Addons - MozillaWiki
Bugzilla:Bzr - MozillaWiki
Bugzilla:REST API - MozillaWiki
Bugzilla:REST API:Search - MozillaWiki
BugzillaAutoLanding - MozillaWiki
bzapi: lib/Bugzilla/API/Model/
bzexport: Summary
Models and scripts to access the Bugzilla REST API.
Code Review FAQ - MDC
File It
bugzilla-todos - Bugzilla todo list of reviews, flag requests, and bugs to fix
bz.js - JavaScript wrapper for the Bugzilla REST API
Installation's Bugzilla Dashboard
JST Review v2
LegNeato! » Push notifications for Bugzilla!
Open Blocking Bugs Information
PyBugz - Python Interface to Bugzilla
PyBugz is a python and command line interface to Bugzilla.
pybugz - Python Interface to Bugzilla - Google Project Hosting
Agile views of your Bugzilla data.
Search Bugzilla
Splinter – patch review for Bugzilla « fishsoup
pybugz - Python interface to Bugzilla.


Mozilla build process


Index of /~bmoss/SUTAgent
Mobile/Fennec/Android/Rooting - MozillaWiki

Buck: genrule()
Build Instructions - Developer Guide | MDN
The Mozilla build system, like the rest of the Mozilla codebase, is cross-platform. It uses traditional Unix-style autoconf and make tools to build the various applications (even on non-unix operating systems).
Build Instructions - MDC
Build Mercurial repositories index
Build:TryServerAsBranch - MozillaWiki
buildapi: Summary
Builds for mozilla-central
change to Fennec, Firefox & XULRunner directories on ftp.m.o - | Google Groups
chris’ random ramblings » What happens when you push
Configuring Build Options | MDN
gecko-patches: Summary
How Mozilla's build system works | MDN
This document is targeted at Mozilla developers who need to work on Mozilla's build system. It explains the basic concepts and terminology of the build system, and how to do common tasks such as compiling components and creating jar files.
Index of /buildjson/
List of running builds
Live build system gantt chart
MoPad: build-system-goals
Mozilla Buildbot Clobberer
Mozilla Developer Network
mozilla-central mozilla/build/macosx/universal/
mozilla-central mozilla/build/package/mac_osx/unpack-diskimage
mozilla-central mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/
MozillaTry - Tinderboxpushlog
pending builds
pymake: Summary
ReferencePlatforms/Test/FedoraLinux - MozillaWiki
Sfink/Thought Experiment - One Minute Builds - MozillaWiki
Simple Firefox build | MDN
TryChooser - MozillaWiki
Using Mock to build Firefox on Linux – John Ford
Webtools/BuildAPI - MozillaWiki


Bug 496901 – Deploy ccache on all linux build machines
Buildbot - MozillaWiki
Buildbot JSON help
Buildbot/Talos - MozillaWiki
drkscrtlv: what is mozharness?


collaboration and community

Download Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Latest Version
Download Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Latest Version for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android - Download free Firefox all languages.
k0s' Home
Mozilla Festival 2013
Mozilla Labs : TogetherJS
Real time collaboration features for your website or app.
Mozilla Voices
Mozillians: Mozilla Community Directory
Mozilla's contributor phonebook
WebFWD | Portfolio


Mozilla contact information

Cognition Cyclery - MFIntranet
Fidelity Investments - Workplace Savings: Welcome to
Fidelity Investments - Workplace Savings: Welcome to
Gavin Sharp
License Boilerplate
Mozilla Commit Access Policy
Mozilla Intranet Forums • Index page
Mozilla Phonebook
Mozilla PTO
Mozilla Summit 2010 - a set on Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
Mozillians - MozillaWiki
New Hire Info
On 1:1s ::
Paperless Pay Stubs - MFIntranet
Planet Mozilla
Running Mountain View - MozillaWiki
The QDB: Welcome
ThingsYouNeedToKnow - MozillaWiki
Vidyo - MFIntranet


SignatureGeneration - socorro - The SocorroProcessor creates an overall signature for a crash based on the stack frame of the crashing thread - Project Hosting on Google Code
socorro - Project Hosting on Google Code


Home - Mozilla Webmaker
Mozilla Thimble
Webmaking made easy Mozilla Thimble Thimble makes it ridiculously simple to create your own web pages. Write and edit HTML and CSS right in your browser. Instantly preview your work. Then host and share your finished pages with a single click. Easy, huh?
Mozilla Thimble
editor html preview
url-demystifier - Simple web app to parse and provide useful information to webmaking novices about any URL.


Adding XPCOM components to Mozilla build system - MDC
An Overview of XPCOM - MDC
Callgraph - MDC
Code snippets - MDC
comm-central comm-central/calendar/base/build/calBaseModule.cpp
command line example: mozilla-central mozilla/layout/tools/reftest/reftest-cmdline.js
Creating a C++ XPCOM component - Alex Sirota's home page
Creating Custom Firefox Extensions with the Mozilla Build System - MDC
Creating XULRunner Apps with the Mozilla Build System - MDC
Debugging a XULRunner Application - MDC
Debugging Mozilla with gdb - MDC
File I/O - MDC
How to Build an XPCOM Component in Javascript - MDC
Interfaces - MDC
McCoy - MDC
mozilla-central mozilla/toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp
nsIINIParser - MDC
nsIINIParserFactory - MDC
Observer Notifications - MDC
PyXPCOM - MDC Doc Center
Rapid Application Development with Mozilla (online book)
Reading textual data - MDC Doc Center
Text Preprocessor - MDC
View Scratchpad As HTML
XPCOM Interface Reference - MDC Docs
XPConnect - MDC
XUL Explorer - MDC
XUL Periodic Table
XUL Reference - MDC
XUL School Tutorial - MDC
XUL Tutorial - MDC
XULRunner - MDC
XULRunner Hall of Fame - MDC


jv's blog / Help Mozilla Services Operations debug what’s wrong with Sync
MDN/Development/GitHub Integration - MozillaWiki
Mozilla Developer Network


Drumbeat/p2pu/courses/pythonwebservices - MozillaWiki
Web 200: Anatomy of a Request | p2pu
Web Development 101 | p2pu


Add Ons

Add-ons Builder
Add-ons Extensions Plugins for mozilla firefox download free
Add-ons for mozilla firefox download free Powered by New plugin and addons updates every day, Featured Add-ons, Extensions firefox 4.0, Themes for firefox
Add-ons Roadmap
AddonFox - Best Firefox Addons! :: Add-ons for Firefox
AutoMemo :: Add-ons for Firefox
BookmarkViewer :: Add-ons for Firefox
BooM :: Add-ons for Firefox
Born Geek » Copy Link Text (CoLT)
Browser Server :: Add-ons for Firefox
Bug 566510 - Allow multiselect operations on tabs :: Add-ons for Firefox
addon-pathfinder - The Add-on Pathfinder is the collection of Jetpack modules.
DéjàClick™ by AlertSite®
DevTools/Timeline - MozillaWiki
DivHTTP :: Add-ons for Firefox
A basic HTTP server that runs inside Firefox.
Download Online Videos :: Collections :: Add-ons for Firefox
Download Statusbar :: Add-ons for Firefox
DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension
DownloadHelper: the easy way to Web videos. Download tons of videos from most of YouTube like sites.
Duplicate This Tab :: Add-ons for Firefox
Easy Copy Paste | Download Add-ons Easy Copy Paste for Firefox
Extensions.checkCompatibility - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
Fastest Search helps Firefox beat Google Chrome Instant & does a lot more!
FEBE 7.x Welcome Page
Firefocus - incaseofstairs
Foobar :: Add-ons for Firefox
Fox Splitter :: Add-ons for Firefox
Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser) :: Add-ons for Firefox
FoxTab :: Add-ons for Firefox
Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes.
harthur's showsearch at master - GitHub
Jetpack that shows search terms in Firefox's awesomebar
Home · mooz/keysnail Wiki · GitHub
keysnail - Allows you to bind commands to key sequences in Mozilla Firefox
Homepage | SilverWav's Journal
The best is yet to come... (by SilverWav)
HYPER-ANCHOR :: Add-ons for Firefox
HYPER-ANCHOR Home : Browser Add-on helps you to bookmark anywhere on the webpages
HYPER-ANCHOR is the browser add-on that helps you to bookmark anywhere on the webpages. You can bookmark any part of articles, images, tables.
iMacros for Firefox - Script your Firefox Web Browser
iMacros for Firefox Whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it.
jsws - JsWs: JavaScript WebServer Extension for Firefox/Mozilla - Google Project Hosting
Lazarus: Form Recovery :: Add-ons for Firefox
Lightbeam for Firefox :: Add-ons for Firefox
Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Bootstrap Jones – Adventures in Restartless Add-ons
Mass Password Reset :: Add-ons for Firefox
Mikes Musings | Operator
Mobile Profiles :: Add-ons for Mobile
mooz/Org-Everywhere · GitHub
Org-Everywhere - Use org-mode notation in every rich editors - www: /projects/wizard/index
Mozilla Cross-Reference
Mozilla F1
F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know and love.
Mozilla Labs - Prism :: Add-ons for Firefox
Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Home Dash :: Add-ons for Firefox
multi-parameter keyword searches
One of Firefox's most useful features is Quick Searches, the ability to assign a keyword to a link and pass a parameter in when you launch it - like thes&nbsp;useful to look up "useful" in a thesaurus.
Nightly Tester Tools :: Add-ons for Firefox
Node.js :: Add-ons for Firefox
Node.js :: Add-ons for Firefox
Notepad (QuickFox) | Download Add-ons Notepad (QuickFox) for Firefox
Noteson/lib/main.js at master · tizianasellitto/Noteson
Omnibar Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox
On Scriptlets
Online Shopping :: Collections :: Add-ons for Firefox
Open in Browser :: Add-ons for Firefox
OPIE Firefox Extension
Ordered Preference Import/Export
Perfidies-of-the-Web - The client side of Mozilla's Plugin Finder Server (PFS2). A JavaScript client for checking to see if your browser has out of date plugins.
packages/jetpack-core/lib/timer.js at tip from rpl's jetpack-sdk - GitHub
my GIT mirror of Mozilla Jetpack Rebooted SDK HG repository
Paste to Tab and Go :: Add-ons for Firefox
Pentadactyl — Dactyl Home
Plugin Check
QuickFox (Note-taking solution)
QuickFox is a multi-tab note taking solution for Firefox and Thunderbird that employs the integrated bookmarks system or a single sqlite database to store notes. That is, if you already have either a bookmarks synchronization add-on (e.g.: XMarks) or a file synchronization software (e.g.: Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity), your notes will be synchronized automatically, no more setups!
Rainbow :: Add-ons for Firefox
Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes.
Scintilla | The Firefox addons Scintilla related
ScrapBook :: Add-ons for Firefox
Customize Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla products with thousands of free extensions and themes.
Search Organizer With Baskets :: Add-ons for Firefox
Search Organizer With Baskets :: Add-ons for Firefox
SelectionSK :: Add-ons for Firefox
Shelve-Firefox Extension -- Configuration
Switchy :: Add-ons for Firefox
Tab Mix Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox
Tab Mix Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox
TabCandy Dashboard
Ted's Mozilla page - Tab Preview
Textarea Cache ❍ Rock Your Firefox
The generic AMO API - MDC Doc Center
Tree Style Tab :: Add-ons for Firefox
Update Scanner | Free software downloads at
A Firefox extension to monitor web pages for updates.
Video and Audio Downloader
Gmail Notifier (restartless) is an open-source project that notify you about incoming emails from all your Google Mail accounts and labels.
ViewMarks :: Add-ons for Firefox
Voyage :: Add-ons for Firefox
Wired-Marker Home : Firefox free-addon to bookmark, collect, organize and share the information
Wired-Marker is Firefox free-addon to collect, organize and share the information / knowledge. You can bookmark articles, figures or tables with positions in the web pages.
WIREDiCON portal website. WIREDiCON is developed by BITS Co., Ltd.
XPCOMViewer :: Add-ons for Firefox

About Us
About:config entries - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
an overview of TraceMonkey ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Are we Pretty Yet?
Bookmarks - MDC
Command Line Options - MDC
Crash Stats helper
Customize Firefox
Embedding and running Node.js within a Firefox XUL extension | Rawkes
Extension Test :: Add-ons for Firefox
Firefox Account Manager
Firefox Future Releases
Firefox Has Crashed [PIC]
Firefox Has Crashed: Firefox appears to have crashed. Too many cookies!..
Firefox Home for iPhone
firefox_fangirl: Favourite About:Config Tweaks
Firefox/4/Beta - MozillaWiki
Firefox/Features - MozillaWiki
Firefox/Projects/Home Tab - MozillaWiki
Firefox/Roadmap - MozillaWiki
Get Involved
Help and Tutorials
HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation
In Development
Microsummaries - MozillaWiki
Mozilla Labs » bespin » Blog Archive » Introducing the Bespin Bookmarklet
Releases/Firefox 4b1/Test Plan - MozillaWiki
The Social Agent - Mozilla Labs - Chris Messina
A concept series exploring what the future of a more social browser might look like.
TV-FOX - Watch TV Online :: Add-ons for Firefox
webdriver.json - selenium - Browser automation framework - Google Project Hosting

Firefox OS

Company News - ZTE Devices - Bringing you closer
ZTE is the No. 4 mobile handset manufacturer in the world according to global industry analyst IDC. ZTE produces a complete range of mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, mobile broadband modems and hotspots, and family desktop integration terminals.
Enter Bug: Boot2Gecko
Geeksphone. Say 'hola' to the future
Geeksphone. Say 'hola' to the future
Using the App Manager - Mozilla | MDN


view-scratchpad-as-html-jetpack/lib/main.js at master · erikvold/view-scratchpad-as-html-jetpack
view-scratchpad-as-html-jetpack - Provides a 'View As HTML' menuitem in Scratchpad for Firefox


blog post announcing the first SDK release
Creating Reusable Modules - Add-on SDK Documentation
addon-pathfinder - The Add-on Pathfinder is the collection of Jetpack modules.
Jetpack SDK Documentation
jetpack-sdk: Summary
menus - Jetpack SDK Documentation


Mozilla Labs : Hatchery
Mozilla Labs : TowTruck
A service for your website that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time.


MoPad: marionette-roadmapping

remote-debug: Summary
Welcome to Appmaker
Welcome to iMacros for Firefox


Auto-tools/Projects/Mozbase - MozillaWiki
great-automation-refactor - MoPad
Mozilla Developer Network
mozilla-central: changeset 146061:b143f103d54e


Andreas Gal
Feedback - People Resources - Confluence -
Feedback Cycle - People Resources - Confluence -
Index of /~ctalbert/gokart
Poetry and Translations by Liz Henry | Composite
Poetry, translations, and other writing by Liz Henry including Anthology of Spanish-American Women Poets (1880-1930).
Search Mozilla Phonebook
Fred Wenzel's portfolio and project playground


812352 – [Meta] New counter handling architecture for Talos
Firefox/Projects/StartupPerformance/MeasuringStartup - MozillaWiki
Fishtank Comparison: BIRT Report Viewer
MoPad: SignalFromNoise
Slow Performing Add-ons :: Add-ons for Firefox
Taras’ Blog » Startup: Backward Constructors


Dependencies status for substack/persona-id – Gemnasium
persona-id - mozilla persona single sign-on without frameworks
wsgibrowserid - Stand-alone app to implement relying-party support
Identity at Mozilla
Persona makes signing in easy for Gmail users Mozilla Persona is a way to sign into websites that works with any email address. Today, we’re happy to announce a new Persona Identity Bridge for Gmail...
browserid - Persona is a secure, distributed, and easy to use identification system.
Own your authentication | Persowna
hostedpersona - This Node.js express app is a Persona IdP for delegated domains.
Persona makes signing in easy for Gmail users | Hacker News
PyBrowserID 0.9.1 : Python Package Index
persona-id - mozilla persona single sign-on without frameworks
stubbyid - A simple client-side "simulator" for the Persona login service.
Voost! - Events



Firefox profile information

Backing up your information - Mozilla - Files in your Mozilla profile directory
What do all those files in my Mozilla profile directory do
Managing profiles
mozilla-central mozilla/toolkit/profile/
ProfileManager bugs
Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base


602908 – Deploy python 2.7.3 to all build machines
appwsgi default : Python Package Index
Illustration of building your own ajax framework with a python3 wsgi server
Bug #686804 “PyOpenSSL breaks python-paste on python-2.7 (due to...” : Bugs : pyOpenSSL
fedora 14 and higher use python-2.7 as the default python. On this version, someone discovered that paste wasn't able to serve over https: After some investigation it seems that python-2.7's socket module is now using memoryviews and pyOpenSSL is not able to receive those. I'll attach a patch that rectifies this situation. Note that the patch can only work on python-2.6+ (But is necessary on python-2.7+). I'm not familiar with what #i...
Bulbflow: a Python Framework for the Graph Era
bulbs | Python Package Manager Index (PyPM) | ActiveState Code
[PyPM Index] bulbs - A Python persistence framework for graph databases that connects to Neo4j Server, Rexster, OrientDB, Lightsocket.
Creating an HTTPS server in Python « Martin Pitt
devpi 0.9.4 : Python Package Index
devpi: github-style pypi index server and packaging meta tool.
django - Communicating with a unix filter process in Python - Stack Overflow
EggFormats - The PEAK Developers' Center
Hacking your window manager with Python | Jkx@home
keegan_csmith / scrabble — Bitbucket
Experiments with Django, eventlet, redis and HTML5 Canvas to make a Scrabble game.
Keyboard shortcut with Python-Xlib | Jkx@home

Mozilla Release Processes
RapidRelease - MozillaWiki
Release Management/Release Notes and Product Details - MozillaWiki


Armen Zambrano's battlefield: How to drive pseudo-effectively a cross-team project for a new platform you know little about
Mozilla Release Engineering Resources
Pending builds
Pending builds
QA/Mozmill Test Automation - MozillaWiki
QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Release Automation - MozillaWiki
ReleaseEngineering:TestingTechniques - MozillaWiki
ReleaseEngineering/Applications - MozillaWiki
ReleaseEngineering/BuildFaster - MozillaWiki
ReleaseEngineering/RepositoryCreationRequest - MozillaWiki
RelEng/Virtualenv - MozillaWiki



Auto-tools/Projects/Mozmill - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects/Mozmill/Proposed Workflow - MozillaWiki
Auto-tools/Projects/Mozmill/RepoSetup - MozillaWiki
Bug List: Mozmill
Introducing WebDriver - Google Open Source Blog
News about Google"s Open Source projects and programs
Mozmill - MDC
Mozmill 1.4.2 - Bug List
Platform/JSDebugv2 - MozillaWiki
QA/Mozmill Test Automation - MozillaWiki
QA/Mozmill Test Automation/Addon Tests - MozillaWiki
Tutorial: Introduction to Mozmill - MDC

gaia Test Report
JavaScript Shell 1.4
jmaher / mozTalos / overview — Bitbucket
Mobile/Fennec Reftests - MozillaWiki
Mobile/Fennec TestDev - MozillaWiki
Mochitest | MDN
Mochitest is an automated testing framework built on top of the MochiKit JavaScript libraries. It's just one of the automated regression testing frameworks used by Mozilla. Tests report success or failure to the test harness using JavaScript function calls.
MochiTest maker
mochitest timeout
Mozilla automated testing - MDC
Mozilla automated testing - Mozilla | MDN
You've just written a feature and (hopefully!) want to test it. Or you've decided that an existing feature doesn't have enough tests and want to contribute some. But where do you start? You've looked around and found references to things like "xpcshell" or "mozmill" or "talos". What do they all do? What's the overlap? In short, where should your new tests go?
mozilla-central mozilla/js/src/tests/lib/
mozilla-central mozilla/js/src/xpconnect/tests/unit/test_import.js
New Testing Bug
Nightly Tester Tools Resurrection « Harth's Blog
Parallelizing a test harness
My personal blog. Mostly technical stuff.
Plugins/OOPP Testing - MozillaWiki
profilemanager: changeset 504:6f51c104ee94
QA/Weave Test Plan - MozillaWiki
eddy - on-demand perf testing service for 3rd-party FirefoxOS apps
Test log format - MDC
Test Plan:Smoketests7 - MozillaWiki
Travis CI - Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community
Writing xpcshell-based unit tests - MDC


Mozilla wiki information worth keeping links to

A composite approach to language/encoding detection
Breakpad - MozillaWiki
Content Process Event Handlers - MozillaWiki
DOM Storage - MDC
Downloading Files - MDC
JumpHost - MFIntranet
openvpn - IT MPT-RemoteAccess
Platform - MozillaWiki
ReferencePlatforms - MozillaWiki
ReferencePlatforms/Linux-Public - MozillaWiki
Socorro - MozillaWiki
StandaloneTalos - MozillaWiki
Structure of an Installable Bundle - MDC
uchardet - universalchardet - Google Project Hosting
Using native JSON - MDC

Thunderbird - synckolab: index
SyncKolab :: Add-ons for Thunderbird


[1] Firefox - Tinderboxpushlog
Assisted starring of oranges | Ehsan Akhgari
tinderbox error regexes


fetch-symbols: Summary
nss-passwords - Read Mozilla keyrings from command line
Open Web Tools Directory


mozilla source

Are we Pretty Yet?
Auto-tools/Projects/WarOnOrange/ElasticSearch - MozillaWiki
b2gperf: Summary
Hi, when I opened Firebug as a separate window and connect to the repl, Firebug will be the active context. How can I skip the Firebug context? repl> repl.whereAmI(); [object ChromeWindow] - Document title: "Firebug - inaktiv für die aktuelle Webseite"
Becoming A Mozilla Committer
briks - Extending the Web
We don’t need a meta description.
Bugs Ahoy - find relevant Mozilla bugs
change to Fennec, Firefox & XULRunner directories on ftp.m.o - | Google Groups
Cloud9 IDE | Your code anywhere, anytime
Customer Feedback for Mozilla Firefox
daw.jpg (JPEG Image, 1013x1004 pixels) - Scaled (64%)
django-mozilla-product-details, because short library names are for wimps « Mozilla Webdev
Enigmail: Enigmail Source Code
Examples of CORS in Action
File Server - MFIntranet
Firefox/Reading Group - MozillaWiki
fs - fileserver
Gfx - Mozilla: mozilla::gl::GLContext Class Reference
Glow 1.0
We launched the first version of with the Firefox 4 release in March 2011 as a way to visualize Firefox downloads and community involvement around the world. Thanks to […]
Gregory Szorc's Digital Home
How to Merge All Your Photos from the Web Into One Cohesive Collection
I have photos everywhere. I post some to Instagram, others are scattered around my computer and on external hard drives. I have tons at Flickr, and my friends post photos with me to Facebook. The idea of collecting all of those photos in one place sounds like a chore, but Trovebox makes it easy to import them, save them, back them up, share them out again, or point your favorite photo organizer--iPhoto, Picasa, whatever--at the collection. Here's how.
HTML Elements | Mozilla Developer Network
The following list is a reference to all HTML elements, including the new ones introduced in HTML5.
Index of /data/python/packages
Javascript command not working from address bar | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support
Maker Faire | The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth
Maker Faire - The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth
MDN search
merging m-c to cedar - User:Asasaki:Cedar - MozillaWiki
Mobile Email and Calendar Setup - Service Desk - Confluence -
MoCo Halloween 2010 - a set on Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
MoPad: kHpv9jvGMj - free project hosting for the Mozilla community - free project hosting for the Mozilla community
mozilla (Mozilla)
Mozilla Bug & Code Coverage Metrics
Mozilla Charset Detectors
Mozilla Developer Tools Project Status
Mozilla Firefox Development Process
Mozilla Firefox Development Specifics
Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Mozilla Halloween 2010 - a set on Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
Mozilla Labs : TowTruck app integration example
A service for your website that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time.
Mozilla Labs » Apps
Mozilla Persona: A Better Way to Sign In
Mozilla Pulse
Mozilla Team in Launchpad
Welcome to the Mozilla Team LP page. We are the team responsible for making Firefox, Thunderbird and the rest of their friend great on the Ubuntu platform. For more information please see Because of the close interaction between the following packages we have assumed responsibility for the whole lot of them;)
Mozilla Thimble
Mozilla VPN (Datacenter VPN) - Security Assurance - Confluence -
mozilla-central mozilla/layout/style/test/property_database.js
circus - A Process & Socket Manager built with zmq
spade - Automated scraping markup+CSS from a list of relevant URLs, using a variety of user-agent strings. Provides reporting on usage of CSS properties and apparent user-agent sniffing.
MozillaRootCertificate - MozillaWiki
Personal Leave - MFIntranet
Public Website Health Status for Mozilla
Mozilla real-time websites availability and performance status. This site shows if Mozilla - Public sites are down or have performance issues right now, and provides Mozilla - Public uptime and performance history.
Releasing an application — Mozilla Services
Rooting galaxy tab 10.1 - MFIntranet
seamonkey mozilla/extensions/universalchardet/
Server-Side Access Control - MDC Doc Center
ServiceNow IT Service Management Suite
SF 7
Sheriffing/Job Visibility Policy - MozillaWiki
Simple HTML Slide Examples
Site-Specific Preferences - MozillaWiki
Sketchfab | Publish, share and embed interactive 3D models
Sketchfab is a web service to publish and display interactive 3D models. No plugin required: upload your model, embed it, share it, done.
Slowparse Demo
Summit2013 - MozillaWiki
Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox for Linux. It is compiled for AMD and Intel processors including Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Duron, Sempron, Pentium 3, Pentium 4, Celeron and Prescott.
the star icon to make bookmarks in the awesomebar should ask me where i want to put the bookmark
the star icon to make bookmarks in the awesomebar should ask me where i want to put the bookmark:
Trovebox - By Developers, For Developers; Read Our RESTful API Documentation
Organize, manage and share your photos in a beautiful gallery with Trovebox. Archive, organize and share photos using your personal Dropbox,, CX or Amazon account. Protect your memories.
TryChooser Syntax Builder
Turning Firefox into a screenshot server with MozRepl | hyperstruct
User:Jprosevear/Tools - MozillaWiki
Vidyo - MFIntranet
webapps: Summary
WebDev:FrontendCodeStandards - MozillaWiki
WebmakerBot - MozillaWiki
Websites/Kick-Off Form - MozillaWiki
What is Mozharness? - John O'Duinn's Soapbox
Where's Walden? » How I organize my Mozilla trees
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mozilla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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A Jazz Anthology MP3 Choose listen download 33759 tunes jazz artists
jazz 78RPM records format MP3
Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - Home Lyrics
Home is performed by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - Get lyrics, music video & widget and read meanings of this song here.
Store - Klipsch LightSpeaker System 5.2.2 Wireless Sound and Efficient LED Lighting
You Should Sing


- Community Almanac
BLH's tour of Chernobyl. Hello Digg/Reddit/world!!
Meeting point
Chatroulette is blablablabla
Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast | Fox Den Room | Hennessey House B&B Inn, Napa CA
Napa lodging accommodations in Napa Valley -- Hennessey House is a Queen Anne Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inn in the heart of Napa Valley, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Old S.F.
Search Google Maps
Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps
Universal Electric Supply Co.
ViziCities - Bringing Cities to Life


Orchids,Orchid Pictures
Orchids,Orchid Pictures


puppet and the like

Adventures in Puppet: concat module |



AcidFS — AcidFS 1.0 documentation
activity-feed 2.6.3 : Python Package Index
An Activity Feed for python
AirStrip 2.0.2 : Python Package Index
Third-party js dependencies manager
ajgu 0.1.0 : Python Package Index
Graphe database with several backends architecture in mind
altgraph 0.10.2 : Python Package Index
Python graph (network) package
Bulbflow API Documenation, a Python Framework for Graph Databases | Bulbflow
repoze.who.plugins.browserid - a BrowserID plugin for repoze.who
chaco 4.3.0 : Python Package Index
interactive 2-dimensional plotting
clime 0.2.3 : Python Package Index
Let you convert any module into a multi-command CLI program without any configuration.
clipboard-modifier 0.2.1 : Python Package Index
commentator 0.1 : Python Package Index
WSGI commenting middleware
configobj 4.7.2 : Python Package Index
Config file reading, writing and validation.
doqu 0.28.2 : Python Package Index
Document-query: models for schema-less databases.
dulwich : Python Package Index
Python Git Library
easylogger : Python Package Index
Module provides some advanced features for original Python logging.
easylogger 0.2 : Python Package Index
Module provides some advanced features for original Python logging.
FireWorks 0.23 : Python Package Index
FireWorks workflow software
GitPython Tutorial — GitPython v0.3.1 documentation
async - Distribute interdependent tasks to 0 or more threads
GitPython is a python library used to interact with Git repositories.
hgwebinit 0.1.0 : Python Package Index
Mercurial hgweb init support.
html-tree-diff 0.1.2 : Python Package Index
Structure-aware diff for html and xml documents
Index of Packages : Python Package Index
infi.watchdog 0.6.3 : Python Package Index
Filesystem events monitoring
lcrees / shove / source / — Bitbucket
lcrees / stage / source / — Bitbucket
lcrees / wsgiauth / source / — Bitbucket
lcrees / wsgize / source / — Bitbucket
lmdb 0.66 : Python Package Index
cffi/CPython native wrapper for OpenLDAP MDB 'Lightning Database' library
logging_tree 1.2 : Python Package Index
logging_tree 1.2 : Python Package Index
httpcache - Simple HTTP cache for Python Requests
marcinkuzminski / vcs — Bitbucket
mindtree - Notes manager, outliner, PIM for Python - Google Project Hosting
Netifaces - Alastair’s Place
Netifaces Nov 4th, 2011 Portable access to network interfaces from PythonHistorically it has been difficult to straightforwardly ...
networkx 1.8.1 : Python Package Index
Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
Package submission 4.3 : Python Package Index
A module wrapper for os.path at master · jaraco/ - "Path" object conveniently wrapping assorted file/path-related functionality
pathfinder 0.5 : Python Package Index
Pathfinder os.walk for humans
peep/peep/ at master · erikrose/peep
Pillow 2.1.0 : Python Package Index
Python Imaging Library (fork)
pipdiff 0.1 : Python Package Index
View a summary list of package release differences between your local environment and PyPI.
psutil - A cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python - Google Project Hosting
pyadbc 0.1.0 : Python Package Index
PyCAPTCHA 0.4 : Python Package Index
A Python framework for CAPTCHA tests
PyPI Externals · Caremad
pypipegraph - a dependency tracking, parallelizing computational pipeline - Google Project Hosting
pypipegraph 0.157 : Python Package Index
A workflow (job) engine/pipeline for bioinformatics and scientific computing.
pypiserver 1.1.3 : Python Package Index
minimal pypi server
PyPIXmlRpc - Python Wiki
Python Package Index : extensions 0.4
Simple plugin system
Python Package Index : greenlet 0.3.1
Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
Python Package Index : keyring 0.5
Store and access your passwords safely.
Python Package Index : spydey 0.1
A simple web spider with pluggable recursion strategies
Python Package Index : WebHelpers 1.0b5
Web Helpers
Python Package Index : wmctrl 0.1
A tool to programmatically control windows inside X
python-quilt 0.2 : Python Package Index
A quilt patchsystem implementation in Python
PyWebDAV 0.9.8 : Python Package Index
WebDAV library including a standalone server for python
pyWebGraph 0.1a : Python Package Index
A bridge between WebGraph and Python/Jython
Reflex-events 1.14 : Python Package Index
Event system for Python
RQ: Simple job queues for Python
ruffus - Ruffus is a lightweight python module for running computational pipelines. - Google Project Hosting
samurai-x - a pure python window manager for X - Google Project Hosting
samurai-x 0.1dev-r16 : Python Package Index
A window manager written in pure python
sh 1.08 : Python Package Index
Python subprocess interface
simpleblog 0.9.5 : Python Package Index
street-address 0.1.1 : Python Package Index
Street address parser and formatter
texttree 1.0.6 : Python Package Index
Parse textual representations of strings using indentation for nesting
vcs : version control system abstraction
webassets - Asset management for Python — webassets documentation
Welcome to APGL’s documentation! — Another Python Graph Library 0.7.3 documentation
wsgiauth 0.1 : Python Package Index
WSGI authentication middleware
wsgistate 0.4.2 : Python Package Index
WSGI session and caching middleware.
wsgize 0.4 : Python Package Index
WSGI without the WSGI


Distributing dependencies
Ian Bicking - Google+ -' install_requires isn't quite right.…' install_requires isn't quite right. Like most dependency systems, it is unfortunately oriented towards asserting what should work,…
piplint 0.2.0 : Python Package Index
Checks packages in your active environment against pip requirements files
Python Packaging Woes - part 1 - Ollivander
This is a spinoff from my Europython 2012 talk (video, slides). Some days ago I got involved in a brief discussion on the topic, so here’s what …


Charming Python: Parsing with the SimpleParse module
Many parsing tools have been written for Python. This column discusses a high-level parsing language built on top of Python.
python-pystemmer : chris lea
PyStemmer provides access to efficient algorithms for calculating a "stemmed" form of a word. This is a form with most of the common morphological endings removed; hopefully representing a common linguistic base form. This is most useful in building search engines and information retrieval software; for example, a search with stemming enabled should be able to find a document containing "cycling" given the query "cycles". PyStemmer provides algorithms for several (mainly european) languages,...
Python HTML Parser Performance


An Introduction to the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)
appwsgi - Illustration of building your own ajax framework with a python3 wsgi server - Google Project Hosting
appwsgi Illustration of building your own ajax framework with a python3 wsgi server
flatland form processing
wptserve - Web server designed for use with web-platform-tests
wptserve - Web server designed for use with web-platform-tests
wdb - An improbable web debugger through WebSockets
localform/ at master · toolness/localform from localform - Simple HTML5-based surveys for wireless networks with no internet access.
meinheld 0.5.5 : Python Package Index
High performance asynchronous Python WSGI Web Server
Minn Myat Soe :: His Notes » Blog Archive » HTTP and HTTPS server with Python
Nicholas Piël » Benchmark of Python Web Servers
An in-depth benchmark of 15 different Python web servers.
Pirate Bay Releases ‘Pirate Browser’ to Thwart Censorship | TorrentFreak
The Pirate Bay is taking a stand against the increased censorship efforts it faces in several European countries. On its 10th anniversary the infamous BitTorrent site is releasing its
Pyblosxom - main site
pywebdav - PyWebDAV is a standards compliant WebDAV server and library written in Python - Google Project Hosting
Contribute to googleurl development by creating an account on GitHub.
Servers which support WSGI —
Testing Applications with WebTest — WebTest 2.0.11.dev0 documentation
Waitress — waitress 0.8.6 documentation
weblayer — weblayer v0.4.3 documentation
Webware for Python
Welcome to Nereid — Nereid documentation
Standalone utility libraries to ease WSGI application development
pywebapp - Support library for Python Web Applications

[Python-ideas] stdlib upgrades
#4992 (Alter cache key based on GET parameters) - Django - Trac
19. Adding to the Stdlib — Python Developer's Guide
19.6. xml.dom — The Document Object Model API — Python v2.6.5 documentation
31. Python Language Services — Python v2.7.3 documentation
A Simple Plugin Framework
python-quilt - A quilt implementation in python
Brandon Konkle | Creating a Personal PyPi with Chishop
brehaut/picoparse · GitHub
picoparse - Small parser construction library for Python. Regular Expression free
Bug #290844 in Virtualenv: “PYTHONHOME bash var breaks virtualenv”
Build a Shared Clipboard Utility in Python
A shared clipboard lets you copy and paste data seamlessly across machines—it's the perfect productivity tool if you work with multiple machines in parallel.
buildit — Agendaless Consulting
Buildit makes it easier to create a repeatable deployment of software in a particular configuration. With it, you can perform conditional complilation of source code, install software, run scripts, or perform any repeatable sequence of tasks that ends up creating a known set files on your filesystem. On subsequent runs of the same set of tasks, Buildit performs the least amount of work possible to create the same set of files, only performing the work that it detects has not already been performed by earlier runs. A maillist for buildit exists at
Celery - The Distributed Task Queue
open source distributed task queue
chrisrossi / happy / overview —
Mercurial hosting - we're here to serve.
CoffeeGhost » Blog Archive » Pyperclip – A cross-platform clipboard module for Python
Communicating with RESTful APIs in Python - *
compoze - generates tarballs for all packages in your virtualenv
defunkt's pystache at master - GitHub
Mustache in Python
diff-match-patch 20120106 : Python Package Index
The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to perform the operations required for synchronizing plain text.
Download diff-match-patch-20120106.tar.gz
EE - Extension languages for Python
mediawiki-parser - An experimental Python parser for MediaWiki syntax with a focus on extensibility and comprehensibility
Fastest way to uniqify a list in Python -
Stuff in Peter's head
Flask (A Python Microframework)
Flattening an arbitrarily deep list (or any iterator) « Python recipes « ActiveState Code
Graham Dumpleton: Poor man's Python virtual environment.
Graph Databases in Python (PyCon Canada 2012)
Since the irruption in the market of the NoSQL concept, graph databases have been traditionally designed to be used with Java or C. With some honorable exceptio
Home · sympy/sympy Wiki
sympy - A computer algebra system written in pure Python
In Search of the Perfect Global Interpreter Lock
Presentation on the Python/Ruby Global Interpreter Lock at RuPy 2011. October 14, 2011. Poznan, Poland.
Introduction to Whoosh — Whoosh v0.3.0b24 documentation
Issue 1236: subprocess is not thread-safe - Python tracker
notebook.js - Programming notebooks
Javascript from Python
jhulten / atodo — Bitbucket
jhulten / taskmanager / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
json-template - Minimal but powerful templating language implemented in multiple languages - Google Project Hosting
LamsonProject: Lamson The Python Mail Server
lcrees / ScoredIBIS — Bitbucket
Issue-Based Information System weighed by score
konfig - Yet another configuration object
Ned Batchelder: Python parsing tools
Nullege: A Search Engine for Python source code
Nullege finds python examples from open source projects. It understands Python and yields more relevant results
autoenv - Directory-based environments.
pip-tools - A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.
paramiko - Native Python SSHv2 protocol library
Patterns in Python
Patterns in Python
PEP 426 -- Metadata for Python Software Packages 2.0
PEP 426 -- Metadata for Python Software Packages 2.0
ical - Script to parse iCal files and filter events based on a keyword.
Pin Your Packages »
Pinefs : user-space NFS server
pkgtools.pypi: PyPI interface — pkgtools v0.7.1 documentation
plope - What Not To Do When Writing Python Software
terrarium - Package and ship relocatable python virtualenvs, like a boss.
python - PIL /JPEG Library / Help! - Stack Overflow
Python Package Index
universal reader for manifests
Python Patterns - Implementing Graphs
Python Patterns - Implementing Graphs
Python processing
python standard library
python-graph - Project Hosting on Google Code
python-multiprocessing - Project Hosting on Google Code
python-patch - patch utility in python - Google Project Hosting
python-statlib - Project Hosting on Google Code
Python: module graph
psf-chef - Chef configuration and cookbooks for the Python Software Foundation
PythonGraphApi - PythonInfo Wiki
PyWin32 FAQ
Re-raising Exceptions
repoze.xmliter 0.1
Wrapper for ``lxml`` trees which serializes to string upon iteration.
reraise/ at master · dcramer/reraise - Clock DVA
§ Sources of voice samples in music.
Sample Python Implementation
Free CAPTCHA-Service
sbenthall's shedbomb at master - GitHub
A web service that uses conjoint analysis techniques to blow up bike shed discussions
setuptools - verion numbers
Simple Top-Down Parsing in Python
SymPy Live
tarek / redbarrel / overview – Bitbucket
the Python debugger « Python Conquers The Universe Subprocess Hanging: PIPE is your enemy
Tutorial — configman 1.0 documentation
pydrone - run sandboxed javascript code in your python apps
Using functools.partial to join paths in Python - Stacks
Using Pyke
Valued Lessons: Pysec: Monadic Combinatoric Parsing in Python (aka Parsec in Python)
Weboob - Applications
Applications of Weboob
Welcome | Werkzeug (The Python WSGI Utility Library)
Welcome to poster’s documentation! — poster v0.5 documentation
Python Application Package
A Conservative Metaclass


Sweet Or Savory: Stuff, Bake And Devour A Pumpkin : NPR
Dorie Greenspan, author of the new cookbook Around My French Table, says her stuffed pumpkin recipe is one of her favorites because it has "almost no rules." She says the possibilities depend on your imagination -- and your pantry.


sexual relations, evolution, and propagation

Attached the Book | Attached, a new book by Amir Levine, M.D. and Rachel S.F. Heller, M.A. explores The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find—and Keep—Love


to sync -> thunderbird

Current local time in U.S.A. – California – San Francisco
Find out current local time in San Francisco – California – U.S.A.. Get San Francisco's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore San Francisco's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset.
Doodle: easy scheduling
Doodle helps scheduling meetings and other appointments. Doodle is simple, quick, free and requires no registration. Simply set up a poll, send a link to all participants, watch progress online, and finally choose the most suitable date.
Plan the time to have your meeting or event by co-ordinating availability with all the particpants using this fuss-free online tool.


Article 127- See-Through Magnets--Value of the First Step
Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method — FEniCS Project
electromagnetic radiation - Does light really "travel"? - Physics Stack Exchange
Gas Discharge Physics: Yuri P. Raizer, John E. Allen, V.I. Kisin: 9783540194620: Books
Gas Discharge Physics [Yuri P. Raizer, John E. Allen, V.I. Kisin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is both a textbook for beginners and a handbook for specialists in plasma physics and gaseous electronics. The book contains much useful data: results of experiments and calculations
Home - wf4ever
quantum field theory - Scattering of light by light: experimental status - Physics Stack Exchange
Teem: Tools to process and visualize scientific data and images
The OpenFOAM® Foundation
OpenFOAM Foundation
Westinghouse Plasma Corp. | Gasification Technology
Yuri Raizer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax
Etsy - Search Help
Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome
The Mycroft Project provides a collection of OpenSearch and Sherlock Search Engine Plugins / Search Providers for Firefox, IE and Chrome.
Recoll text search finds your documents
Recoll is a desktop text search application for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X, based on the Xapian search engine library.
Search Free Dictionaries project
Large collection of dictionaries for many world languages. Dictionaries are freely available online for all users. Language software allows to use many dictionaries offline.
Search - your music community with the largest searchable lyrics database. is a music community with the largest searchable lyrics database.
Search - your music community with the largest searchable lyrics database. is a music community with the largest searchable lyrics database.
Search operators - Web Search Help
Search toolbox
Web Search Syntax - Exalead
The best search engine out there
Welcome to Solr
Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

Simple Markup

markdown, restructured text, etc, lightweight markup languages

A Record of reStructuredText Syntax Alternatives
Emiliano Bruni WebSite - I love wiki - An HTML to Wiki syntax converter
I love Wiki and Wikipedia and many times I have an article in HTML and I wish to publish it into a wiki system. But HTML and wiki syntax are different and I haven't found a tool to convert one into another. This is a simple web scripts using HTML::WikiConverter CPAN module where you can past your HTML source and get back the wikipedia code.
hashify - markdown web service
HTML to Wiki Converter - tables [online]
html2text: THE ASCIINATOR (aka html2txt)
Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites
JsonML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lightweight markup language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
markdown-downheader - A python markdown extension for accumulatively reducing header level - Google Project Hosting
markdown-typografix - A python markdown extension for automatic french typographic tweaks (widow, french quotes...) - Google Project Hosting
Logo markdown-typografix A python markdown extension for automatic french typographic tweaks (widow, french quotes...)
Nixtu: Pandoc - The Markup Converter
OPML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
otl - a text processor
Pandoc - About pandoc
pyshell extra · trentm/python-markdown2 Wiki · GitHub
python-markdown2 - markdown2: A fast and complete implementation of Markdown in Python
Quickref - doconce - Doconce Quick Reference - Document once, include anywhere - Google Project Hosting
Task Lists in GFM: Issues/Pulls, Comments
Build software better, together.
Topic Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



open source software

OpenDesk - Open Source Furniture — Made Locally.
Beautifully designed open source furniture &mdash; download and print it yourself or have it made for you by a local maker.
OpenPhoenux - Open Pho(n)e (w. Li)nux - The independent Open Mobile Tool community



backend storage - databases, filesystem, etc

ArangoDB - The universal free and open source nosql database
ArangoDB is an easy to use mostly memory, high performance, open source db with a unique combination of features like support for graph & geo algorithms.
json-store - JSON store is a simple replacement for shelve. It writes JSON serialized files and can accept unicode keys.
Chado - Getting Started - GMOD
dbms 1.0.3 : Python Package Index
DataBases Made Simpler - Uniform interface to multiple adapters
Flume Master: Configure Nodes
Hbase/ThriftApi - Hadoop Wiki
Hive/LanguageManual/UDF - Hadoop Wiki
InfoGrid Web Graph Database
lmdb — lmdb 0.66 documentation
Meset File System -
MetaCyc Encyclopedia of Metabolic Pathways
A collection of model organism databases of metabolic pathways, including reactions, enzymes, genes and substrate compounds
Metakit for Python
The structured database which fits in the palm of your hand
mongoengine a python object data mapper for mongodb
neo4j open source nosql graph database »
Pita/ueberDB · GitHub
ueberDB - transforms every database into a object key value store, written in node.js
Storing Hierarchical Data in CouchDB | Probably Programming
Much to my surprise, my last post generated more traffic in a single day than my blog has ever gotten in a single month. Apparently people are quite interested
Symas Lightning MDB (aka Lightning Database, LMDB)
The Architecture of Open Source Applications: The NoSQL Ecosystem
The Raving Rick: Slip Cover, Integrated View Editor for DesktopCouch
The Raving Rick: slip-cover
pymdb-lightning - Python interface to OpenLDAP MDB (aka. lightning db) key/value store.
View_collation - Couchdb Wiki
warlock 1.0.1 : Python Package Index
Python object model built on JSON schema and JSON patch.


DVCS-Autosync: A personal Dropbox replacement based on Git | Rene Mayrhofer's virtual home

Task Tracking

▶ Emacs Org-mode - a system for note-taking and project planning - YouTube
Google Tech Talks July 15, 2008 ABSTRACT Org-mode is a large Emacs sub-systems that has been integrated into Emacs with the version 22.1 release. From it ori...
123done - your tasks, simplified
About | Project Hamster
The Gnome Time Tracker
An Obviel todo demo
Apps/Tasque - GNOME Wiki!
Apps/Tasque/Screenshots - GNOME Wiki!
arbtt – The Automatic Rule-Base Time Tracker
cil - DVCS backed issue tracking system
Concept Mapping & Mind Mapping Research - MindMeister Mind Map
Cozy - todos
haskell-todo - Haskell-based todo list management
DITrack - Distributed Issue Tracker
DITrack - Distributed Issue Tracker
Five Best To-Do List Managers
Google Translate
todopyramid - The Pyramid version of the todo app for the Python Web Shootout
jltasks - TODO
KDE - Zanshin - TODO Management Application
KDE Homepage,
mindmap.jpg (JPEG Image, 2249 × 1754 pixels) - Scaled (31%)
Moments 2.0 : Python Package Index - tasksandmails: index
Org mode for Emacs – Your Life in Plain Text
Org: an Emacs Mode for Notes, Planning, and Authoring
Task Lists in Gist
Task tracking for nerds - Holly
Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler — Taskfile, a Tasklist Compiler
Tasktop - The Leader in ALM Integration
tDiaryドキュメント - ToDo 促
Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online
Timeit : The unobtrusive time tracker
To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist
Trusted by over 1 million people, Todoist is the best online task management app and to-do list. For Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Outlook and many more!
Todo.txt: Future-proof task tracking in a file you control
TodoFox :: Add-ons for Firefox
ToDoList Resources © AbstractSpoon Software
WebIssues | Issue tracking and team collaboration system
Open source, multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration. The server requires PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird or SQL Server. The client is a native desktop application for both Windows and Linux.


Andreastt — Steepster
Andreastt's profile, including their reviews of teas and other activity on Steepster, a site for tea lovers.



brain computer interaction

Moving a Robotic Arm With Just a Thought | TechHive
A paralyzed man is able to reach out to his girlfriend for the first time in 7 years, thanks to a thought-controlled prosthetic arm system.
NeuroSky - Brainwave Sensors for Everybody
It is NeuroSky’s duty to bridge the gap between technology and the human body. Our research-grade instruments measure brainwave EEG and heartbeat ECG signals to entertain, relax, detect, heal, and exercise the most vital of our organs. With our partners, we make the intangible, tangible. That’s why, at NeuroSky, we make Bio-Sensors for Every Body.


venture technologies, startup

ARK | Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz)
ARK | Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and more. FAQs - Battery Related Questions
Desktop 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family, Desktop Intel® Pentium® Processor Family, Desktop Intel® Celeron® Processor Family, and LGA1155 Socket - Thermal Mechanical Specifications and Design Guidelines (TMSDG) - 3rd-gen-core-lga1155-socket-guide.pdf
Mobile scan2login | Your Login Badge
Magnetech Corporation - lithium ion battery
Science and technology news stories tagged with keyword: lithium ion battery. All science news about lithium ion battery
Store - VortexBox appliance
WELCOME to MoODT Museum of Obsolete Drafting Technology

Thought mapping

0. Prologue - The Story of Psychology AP Psychology Mind Maps, Note Maps, & Concept Maps, Online Free
Advanced Placement Psychology High School Course in the form of note maps! | brainstorm and mind map online
Brainstorm online with Easily create colorful mindmaps to print or share with others. Almost no learning curve.
Cognitive map - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Concept map - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Five Best Mind Mapping Tools
Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, make a plan, or turn ideas into the steps needed to make it real. Thankfully, there are great tools out there to help you build mind maps, organize them, and save them for later. Here's a look at five of the best, based on your nominations.
Information map types - WikIT
Mindmapping, concept mapping in 3D
mindmapping software
Thought mapping — University of Leicester
Study Guide
Thought Process Map for Six Sigma: What, Why and How
For a Six Sigma project to have the greatest chance of success, it must begin with a solid foundation. One tool that can help is the thought process map, sometimes referred to as a TMAP or TPM.
Topic Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Topicscape Demonstration
mindmapping software


user interface and user experience

Adaptive Architecture Cloud Computing Platform
Is a cloud computing services management environment and visualization that serves as the development for the Cloud Computing Platform. The solution provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, manage and run on the flight web ap

Update Scanner's Pages

Update Scanner Website



git.js - Javascript Git implementation
EtherPad: jetpack-git
flashbake | Bit Bucket Labs
Git Book - Basic Branching and Merging
Git Book - Setting Up A Public Repository
Git for Computer Scientists
Git Immersion - Brought to you by Neo
Git Reference
Git tip of the day: ‘git reflog’ or How to undo a git rebase? « Sugar Beets
Got Git? HOWTO git and github -- Less Everything Blog
Help.GitHub - Post-Receive Hooks
How to check out a specific branch from github | Samuel's Project Blog
pip install klaus -- the first Git web viewer that Just Works™.
Moving Files from one Git Repository to Another, Preserving History | Greg Bayer » Blog Archive » A successful Git branching model
nvie/gitflow - GitHub
Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.
Pro Git - Pro Git 6.7 Git Tools Subtree Merging
Public Git Hosting - guilt.git/summary
quilt for git
Repository list - Klaus Demo
scripts/git-can-ff at master · nvie/scripts
A collection of simple and small but useful UNIX shell scripts.
Start a New Branch on your Remote Git Repository | Zorched / One Line Fix
The Git Parable
using bup
visionmedia/git-extras - GitHub
GIT utilities -- repo summary, commit counting, repl, changelog population and more
Why your company shouldn’t use Git submodules | Coding Killed the Cat
Luckily, it still has 8 lives left. (by Amber)


A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh
AliasExtension - Mercurial
BookmarksExtension - Mercurial
ChangesetEvolution - Mercurial
CommandServer - Mercurial
hgmonitor 0.5 : Python Package Index
mercurial repository monitoring and handling as a group
Mercurial Api - Selenic
Mercurial: merging work
MqExtension - Mercurial
MqTutorial - Splitting patches
python-hglib 1.0 : Python Package Index
Mercurial Python library
QupExtension - Mercurial
subrepos - Mercurial
Subrepository - Mercurial
SyncHg 1.0.0 : Python Package Index
A simple script & library to handle syncing remote mercuial repositories
Theming - Mercurial
Use Tables! » Blog Archive » Moving from CVS to Mercurial
Using Convert to Decompose Your Repository / hg tip
Using Mercurial, is there an easy way to diff my working copy with the tip file in the default remote repository - Stack Overflow

A Git User's Guide to Mercurial Queues / Steve Losh
Fossil: Fossil
git merge test first - Stack Overflow
Hg-Git Mercurial Plugin
mason/mpatch: shortlog
Welcome to vcs’s documentation! — vcs 0.4.0 documentation


How-To: Clone or Copy a Virtual Disk in Virtualbox | Unixmen
This problem happened to me when i tried to duplicate disks on Virtualbox , i wanted to share this information with you so if you got this issue you know :: touch the clouds ::
Manage and monitor your virtual machines across clouds using any device that can access the web


Flightaware route histogram : scanlime
Flightaware + Fyre: The above image is part of a histogram generated from Flightaware’s 24-hour time lapse. Click the link for the uncropped version. The original video is a Quicktime wrapper around individual PNG frames. I used mencoder to strip off the Quicktime wrapper, then a small Python script split the video streams into individual [...]
Functy Mandelbrot Web
zen photon garden
An interactive raytracer art-toy for HTML5 browsers.



CodeMirror - Convert .PNG format files to .ICO or .ICO format files to .PNG : Windows 7 compatible icons
Free Online Icons Converter - Convert PNG to ICO and ICO to PNG files : Win 7 & Windows Vista compatible icons
Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle
droopy - Gitorious
FigurePool - Diagrams for all.
Figurepool - Online Free Diagram Software and Chart maker.
Create, browse and share diagrams online. A free and easy to use HTML5 editor for rapid diagramming. Suitable for flowcharts, network diagrams, UML, charts and much more.
Online ICO converter
Converts images to the ICO format.
Online QR-code maker
Produce QR codes from email, URL, contact informations.
Python Regex Tool
A web-based python regular expression tool for rapidly testing regular expressions. Includes support for python regex specific functions such as dotall and unicode.
Sketchpad - Online Paint/Drawing application
sketchPatch - The programming playground
sketchPatch: Livecodelab
Virtual Piano : The original app | Virtual Keyboard | Online Music | Piano Game | CMAGICS
This Virtual Piano is designed by CMAGICS to enable you to play the Piano on your computer - online. This Rich Internet Application aims to aid and enhance the learning experience for those interested in learning Piano. This Version mimics a 5 Octave Electronic Keyboard with 61 notes; 36 white, 25 black. Enjoy!
Zen photon garden | Demo Studio | MDN
A real-time interactive raytracer art-toy for sculpting with light.


Butterflyzer - Home
Butterflyzer -- the Content Intelligence Environment.
Category:Semantic Web Browser - Semantic Web Standards
Home - Sheep Wiki
Semantic browsing
web system for graph browsing of multimedia data
Skipstone | home
Write, Send & Receive SMS Text Messages on The Computer
Read & write SMS text messages from any PC or MAC using your Android phone number & contacts - No registration or sign up!


cascading style sheets


CubicWeb - The Semantic Web is a construction game! — CubicWeb 3.17.3
Home - Hatta Wiki

Notes: The Best Chrome Extensions For An Ex Firefox User. | SilverWav's Journal
The best is yet to come... (by SilverWav) | Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!
Simplest Image Hosting - free multi-upload & lifelong, limitless hosting
No dimension, amount or hosting time limits, no registration required, no captcha/token - instant multi-upload (or image URL mirror) on our fast server! Lightweight and simple site...


Brunch | HTML5 application assembler
ProcessOn - Create diagrams online & Ream time collaboration
ProcessOn is a professional business process network. It provide a free diagram tool, you can draw diagram free and share to others and search diagrams you like, e.g. sap diagram
Polyfill implementing the HTMLImports specification
Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -
A powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor


37.143898, -122.230453 - geo:truc
Find coordinates from an address or from a map. Convert between decimal degrees and degrees, minutes, seconds. Geotag your blog, web site or RSS feed.
HTML5 Demo: geolocation


Service FREE IP Geolocation Web Service is a public RESTful web service API for searching geolocation of IP addresses and host names.
Helios Voting - Free Geolocation API
Free Geolocation API
PredictionIO Open Source Machine Learning Server
Try It Now



Welcome Visitors

1.x/Text2Onto - NeOn Wiki
20.15. uuid — UUID objects according to RFC 4122 — Python v2.6.5 documentation
Ace - The High Performance Code Editor for the Web
Amaya Screenshots
Available applications | Cozy Cloud
Cozy Cloud is a whole new paradigm for web services: it is your own private personal cloud. Cozy gives you a personal server, a place you can trust to store all your personal data and host web apps. You can hack it, you can host it, you can delete it. You are in control and your privacy is respected.
Blueprint: Tooltip Menu
Build It With Me
Build It With Me: Connecting Designers & Developers
Celtic Knots
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
Chrome Experiments - "Canvas Cycle" by Joseph Huckaby
Anyone remember Color Cycling from the 90s? This was a technology often used in 8-bit video games of the era, to achieve interesting visual effects by cycling (shifting) the color palette. This demo is an implementation of a full 8-bit color cycling engine, rendered into a 32-bit HTML5 Canvas in real-time. There are many color cycling scenes to choose from, and I added some ambient environmental soundtracks to match. Enjoy! All the art was drawn by Mark Ferrari.
Concordle - Not so pretty cousin of Wordle
Connecting Sites to Google Buzz - Google Buzz API - Google Code
CSS Color Names
Free HTML CSS JavaScript DOM jQuery XML AJAX RSS ASP .NET PHP SQL tutorials, references, examples for web building.
Dailey Art
Desaturated Maps
deviantART muro
Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.
diaspora/diaspora - GitHub
Distributed and contextual social networking
draft-ietf-appsawg-json-patch-10 - JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patch
Edit Pad: hello
eXtplorer - A PHP- and JavaScript- based File Manager
Fake - Mac OS X Web Browser Automation and Webapp Testing Made Simple.
Fake is a new browser for Mac OS X that makes web automation simple. Fake allows you to drag discreet browser Actions into a graphical Workflow that can be run again and again without human interaction. And Fake Workflows can be saved, reopened, and shared.
favicon.ico Generator is a tool to create or download favicon.ico icons, that get displayed in the address bar of every browser.
Freebase - API Reference
Frequently Asked Questions | Cozy Cloud
Cozy Cloud is a whole new paradigm for web services: it is your own private personal cloud. Cozy gives you a personal server, a place you can trust to store all your personal data and host web apps. You can hack it, you can host it, you can delete it. You are in control and your privacy is respected.
Graphical Timelines - Introduction
Green Unicorn - Welcome
Handmade Cards and Luxury Chocolates - Buy Online UK
Looking for a handmade card for that special someone or occasion? We have a wide range of greeting cards available to buy online with free UK delivery
High Fidelity Demo Excerpt : Scott Draves : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
This is a 4:30 excerpt from the High Fidelity Demo Blu Ray, created by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep. To see it at full resolution, ignore the...
Home - Browserscope
How do I transfer my domain? - Dyn
How To – Make a nice map of the open web | Drumbeat
How to Download All Videos of YouTube Playlist on Ubuntu
How to Download All Videos of YouTube Playlist on Ubuntu
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.
HTML5 Conformance Test Results
webannotate - Annotate (add comments to) web pages
inkdroid – Every one of us. Everywhere. Connected.
Interwiki map - Meta
John Resig - JavaScript Micro-Templating
LaTeXMathML: a dynamic LaTeX mathematics to MathML converter
Logos In Pure CSS
LOLinator: i can haz websiet?
An advanced, highly scientific tool that gives us a glimpse into an alternate universe where LOLcats created the web.
Mandelbrot test page
Flying Pig's personal page, covering research, computing, thoughts and other things that might be of interest
MediaWiki API
Ned Batchelder: Stopping spambots with hashes and honeypots
Neil Fraser: Software: Image to HTML Converter
Netflix API - OAuth Test
Nodiad - Annotate the Web
Annotate the web! Nodiad allows notes to be added to practically any website.
webcommand - nodejs module that helps expose unix commands as web services
OSQA | The Open Source Q&A System
ShareFest - Web based p2p file sharing built on WebRTC Data Channels API
Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck
Playground | Codrops
PrimaryWall › Real-time web-based sticky notes for schoolsPrimaryWall
PrimaryWall is a web-based sticky note tool designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.
PROTECT Research Centre for Critical Infrastructure Computer Technology and Protection
Quick Diff Online Tool
Radiolab Player demo
Real-time Collaborative Programming
Real-time HTML Editor
RegisterProtocolHandler Enhancing the Federated Web « Mozilla Webdev
Samizdat: Co-op Engine
Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word.
ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. | Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
StartSSL™ Certificates & Public Key Infrastructure - StartSSL™ Free
StartSSL - StartCom Free SSL Client, S/Mime, Server, Domain Controller, Smartcard Certificates
Surprisingly SVG: Portrait of me, rendered in SVG, as a tag cloud of links
SVG Tweet Cloud
Syncable tools for the offline web
tDiary | Free Communications software downloads at
tDiary is a web diary system like blog written by Ruby
testtwf-website/docs/ at gh-pages · w3c/testtwf-website
testtwf-website - This repository contains testing documentation.
The Current State of HTML5 Forms · Wufoo
Many browsers are supporting features of HTML5 including much related to forms. This is research on what browsers are doing what with those new features.
The Cyborg Institute — Cyborg Institute 1.0 documentation
The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?
Thimbl - decentralized micro-blogging platform | Drumbeat
tobeytailor's gordon at master - GitHub
An open source Flash™ runtime written in pure JavaScript
tinyserv - Really bad attempt at making a heroku-like tool for quick deployment of experimental/hobby apps.
Top 5 Browsers from Jul 09 to Aug 10 | StatCounter Global Stats
Tracks the Market Share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including Mobile from over 4 billion monthly page views.
Tridiv | CSS 3D Editor
Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS
UNHOSTED - Freedom from web 2.0's monopoly platforms
Unicode strikethrough text tool for Twitter, Facebook, internationalized domain names, etc.
Uzbl - web interface tools which adhere to the unix philosophy.
Uzbl is a lightweight webkit browser following the UNIX philosophy - to do one thing and do it well.
W3C Semantic Web FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Semantic Web
W3C WebApps Working Group
html-reference - HTML: The Markup Language (an HTML language reference)
validators - The HTML Validator and CSS Validator bundled in one single and standalone service.
Web 2.0 is Sharecropping
Web Based Personal Desktop
Web Based Personal Desktop
Web Testing Interest Group Charter
WebGL Water
Weblocks: Features
Webshell - The API Combinator
Well, I'm Back: Applying SVG Effects To HTML Content
Quickly query Wikipedia for short info.
WikiMatrix - Compare them all
wordcram - a library for generating word clouds from text, in the Processing environment - Google Project Hosting
Zero Soup: February 2008


Documentation for repoze.workflow — repoze.workflow 0.5 documentation is a free online diagram drawing application for workflow, BPM, org charts, UML, ER, network diagrams
en:start [Actionaz Wiki]
Flow-Based Programming
The home page for Flow-Based Programming (FBP).
Graphical Turing Machine
Home · tinkerpop/pipes Wiki
pipes - A Lazy Data Flow Framework
Is FireWorks for me? — FireWorks 0.23 documentation
Makeflow = Make + Workflow
naufraghi / plow / source / — Bitbucket
NoFlo | Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript
depsolver - Chef recipe dependency solver
Web Platform Tests Results
Welcome to Pegasus | Pegasus
Work Queue: A Flexible Master/Worker Framework



A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.pdf
Metamorphosis- Opening Lines
While I enjoyed The Metamorphosis when I read it, the greatest impression the book had on me was in the opening line. I've seen two major variations, and one of them distresses me greatly. Opening #1: Opening #2:
My HyperText Fiction Story | Main / HomePage browse
rwc » a super secret writers club, with a handshake and everything.
since feeling is first
The Metamorphosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Translation)
The Wonderful Tar Baby Story


San Francisco Yoga: Yoga Mayu
San Francisco Yoga, Yoga Mayu, potrero hill, mission district, warm, nurturing, yoga, fun place, ashtanga, progressive hatha

Page Description
A Circular History Loop
About 3rd Cloud
3rd Cloud is Vincent Driessen, an independent software company.
ace - Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)
AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki
amdjs-api - Houses the Asynchronous Module Definition API
AnsibleWorks | Radically simple IT orchestration
AnsibleWorks is the company behind Ansible, the radically simple IT orchestration solution that simplifies the way IT departments manage systems, applications, and cloud infrastructure.
async 0.6.1 : Python Package Index
Async Framework
Blog of Data » Blog Archive » Flume, Hive and realtime indexing via ElasticSearch
Boy 7
Pembroke Welsh Corgis are our passion. We love, show and occasionally have a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We are located in the heart of Northern California between Napa Valley, the Sierras and San Francisco.
Caltrans PeMS · What will pypy do for your website?
change to Fennec, Firefox & XULRunner directories on ftp.m.o - | Google Groups
Character codes - Unicode, ASCII Table
ASCII Table with Unicode and HTML entities (ISO 8859-1)
Circvs Maximvs - View Single Post - The art of translating Crazy.
politics religion tv games movies discussion blogs groups news
cloquewerk's thought bank
Code Simplicity
Dentist San Francisco, Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco
Dentist San Francisco, Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco - Contact us at our San Francisco office, located in the Castro.
Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper: Widescreen, Dual-Screen, Triple-Screen, iPhone4, iPad, Droid, XBox360, PS3, HDTV Backgrounds
Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers. The public gallery images are free to use as your personal desktop wallpaper.
ElasticSearch - ElasticSearch Docs | REST API
etherpad-lite - Really real-time collaborative document editing for the rest of us
Fragmentarium | Free software downloads at
An interface for exploring GPU accelerated pixel graphics through fragment shaders.
Graphite Documentation — Graphite 0.9.10 documentation
graphterm 0.40.1 : Python Package Index
A Graphical Terminal Interface
HackageDB: arbtt-0.7
HandlingRejects - Mercurial
Heart of Darkness
Ian Bicking: a blog
Index — The Bear Patch
Index of /builds
pypy-web-benchmarks - Python web server benchmarks
Joey the Cat – Skeeball Rentals and Competitive Brewkee-ball Champion | Skeeball Rentals and Parties.
John O'Duinn's Soapbox - Just another WordPress weblog
JointJS - JavaScript diagramming library - Demos.
Create interactive diagrams in JavaScript easily. JointJS plugins for ERD, Org chart, FSA, UML, PN, DEVS, LDM diagrams are ready to use.
keegan_csmith / Weighted Triangulation Editor — Bitbucket
A visual editor for creating Weighted Regions. Made with Qt sauce.
Linode - Xen VPS Hosting
We're a Xen VPS hosting company that aims to provide the best tools to those that need better hosting.
liqd/adhocracy · GitHub
adhocracy - Adhocracy is a policy drafting and decision making software for distributed groups and open institutions.
MacGyver Tip: DIY mosquito trap
The DIY:happy blog has translated a Chinese tutorial for building your own mosquito trap out of a two-liter plastic bottle.
doorknob - convenience module for adding Mozilla Persona user login + LevelDB based session storage to node web apps
Microsoft Word - 12H0_Antique Japanese Swords For Sale.doc - 12_Antique_Japanese_Swords_For_Sale.pdf
graphterm - A Graphical Terminal Interface that extends xterm by adding GUI-like features and session sharing
mooz/org-js · GitHub
org-js - Parser and converter for org-mode notation written in JavaScript
mozilla / shumway 1,142 Shumway is a Flash VM and runtime written in JavaScript
moz-ldap - Mozilla LDAP Web Service
New blog on block as N.Y.U., Times team to get hyper
Online Text Editor - Collaborate With Friends
Orange Factor Bug List
OTrace — otrace 0.30.9 documentation
Parser combinator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
philiKON – a journal
codegrep - Search trough codebases
python-fu 0.1 : Python Package Index
python-fu: Python command line tools, for increased fu.
Search Add-ons for Firefox
Snowsprint report | Secret Weblog
SoyLatte - Port of BSD Java
Spiral Menus -
Taras’ Blog
The Becka Blogs: The Magic Rose and An Unexpected Loss
The Holbert Report
The Jejune Institute
To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see... a recondite family awaits.
The Wood Database | Hardwood and Softwood Lumber Identification
torque - Web hook task queue.
localserve - Ad-hoc server for static HTML
htmlpad - Use Etherpad to write and collaborate on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Tube Enhancer Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox
Ubuntu – Details of source package ganv in quantal
WebApollo - GMOD
Wired-Marker Social & Communication

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Getting started — Invoke documentation
patchit - Unified diff parsing and merge tool for Python
python-iowait in Launchpad