20:43 December 13, 2010

Ideas from workweek opening session

Its Mozilla workweek! We just had our opening session this morning. There were a lot of good ideas, and many of the opening remarks made me think of a observations of my own. I decided to write these as a blog post instead of trying to get my mostly specific and possibly contentious questions in the Q+A session.

  • Employees whose full time job is to audit the (dev side) of mozilla to make things eadier for newcomers and community members to increase their ease and therefore productivity with the direct side effect of making things easier for current devs.

    What are the rough spots?

    How rough are they?

    Who do they affect?

    How much time is lost or would be lost through these issues?

    The answers to these quedtions allow these issues to be prioritized and meaningfully tackled. Even vague critiques like "this website is confusing", when probed, can lead towards significant streamlining. This is going to especially important for fostering community as well as our wishes to expand hiring.

  • Tailored Firefox: Customize firefox for your own needs. Mozilla builds a very good all-purpose browser. However, there is a market for Firefoxen specialized for specific needs. There is already a rich addons community to base on. At first, a preselected number of flavors of Firefoxen could be hand-crafted for user-motivated needs. Ideally, several important packages of addons could be selected: web developer, education, minimal, etc, and the downloader could choose which pacakge to download (being able to drill down and choose/unchoose individual addons) through a friendly webpage. A base profile could be chosen as well. Build options, etc, could be additionally be thought about, but they're probably not as important.

  • Partnerships with birds of a feather. There was some talk about partnerships. Obviously, partnerships with players such as google, samsung, intel, etc are valuable. But what about on the dev side? We use several open source tools heavily with powerful communities. Python. Ubuntu. Django. MediaWiki. Just to name a few I know. None of these are exactly along the lines of our core mission. But we use their tools. We want their help. They want our help. If we cant even work with our kind, why should we think we can suceed?

  • Sync should optionally export data to a webpage : I am a great bookmarks collector. I want to share my bookmarks with people. I want to do this on k0s.org. I can, of course, export my bookmarks as an HTML page. But currently, I have to do this manually. It'd be nice if I could tell sync to do this everytime I synced, as currently I pretty much don't update at all. I'm not sure if this is doable as an extension. That would be a great thing to do as a plugin, if that's doable.

Two other more definitive issues I've filed as bugs: