19:10 February 4, 2011

i hate it when i lose things

There's a quote I heard, sampled in a song, so I have no idea whence it originates, that I would love to find....but google...and the interior of my head are being useless. Its gist is "It is not uncommon, not rebellion, to stand against the faults of the establishment. But to rise up against your own generation, and to cast them down and ostracize yourself from them...that is the path to singularity." I fucked up the phrasing, other than the "rise up against your own generation part" -- that part is close, anyway -- but this speaks something to my life.

When I was a wee slip of a lad, I was pretty popular in my rebellion. I rebeled against corporate rock, and drug laws, and capitalism. Maybe, in ways I couldn't express, it was more subtle than this. But these were the epithets I uttered against the universe. While these are somewhat contraversial topics for high school, they're not exactly hard things to support. Yes, art should come from the heart. Yes, the criminalization of drugs is basically retarded. Yes, the competitive system of capitalism has some pretty bad effects. But its easy when you can speak out against something from a counter-culture who is willing to support you.

I'm not sure if that's rebellion