17:05 February 28, 2011

Teh factz: 1. most coders hate to clean up after themselves 2. most coders who are not in 1. don't want to be yelled at for making a mistake 3. most coders who are not in 2. don't want to be yelled at for wasting time 4. most coders who are not in 3. don't write code

Teh kingdom: Meet OpenSorceum, a once peaceful land on the edge of the sea. For thousands of years, OpenSorceum lived in peace. But villagers lived in fear -- there were places in the Code Woods that no one would go. The couldn't understand the code! They were afraid to change the code! Aged wizards claimed that the code could be changed by no man but he out of prophecy....

But this was a lie!

The dark Code Woods encrouched on the world of light, isolating villages, and the kingdom of OpenSorceum faded into a world of proprietary web services and ancient hacks.

Ur qwest:

To take back the code and have once again software == intent!

Ur Toolz: 1. A VCS repository w. A text editur 7. tests! 8. The Holy Lamp of Continuous Integration!

With these tools you are so tasked with the slaying of bugz! Fear not! Continuous Integration and tests will protect you lest you falter! But in order to check your bugs into the great vessel of VCS, you must slay Cruft!

...In other words...clean up shit until you have enough XP to check in, you lazy bastard