09:55 March 5, 2011

i sit in bars and take notes. i'm not sure how its come to this. i don't hang out with anyone. sometimes i just stay in my house and, i don't know, program or listent to NPR ... or paint ... or whatever. but being a programmed social creature, i go out. i'm too shy and antisocial to talk to anyone. so i don't know why i do it except to be around people. so i go to bars, even if its just a Thing To Do. i don't know where to put my eyes. eye contact is key. i accidently made eye contact with a girl when i thought she was someone i knew and she talked to me. silly isn't it? i'm not sure which is more silly: that she was compelled to talk to me because i made eye contact, or that i don't try to exploit this eye contact thing to get girls to become superficially fascinated with who i would pretend to be.

i was at, if you will, a "happening club", writing in my notebok, when a very attractive girl said to me, "so you come to a bar to take notes?" i didn't really have much to say to that