15:51 March 17, 2011

I hate to be the one to say this -- again -- but the clean energy problem is not hard to solve. Rather, it would not be hard to solve if it was a societal priority. Its not solved because its not as cheap to do. So....no one is going to do it until it is. Invest in energy saving technologies. Invest in renewable/clean energy generation. Its not hard. Its just expensive.

Or, think of it another way. You can live off of rice and beans for less than $50 a month. I know this for a fact. Or you can eat a more balanced diet. We(=society) say, "Hey, you're a consumer, do what you want! In fact, spend more because it elevates your social status and is good for the economy (albeit, not your economy)." But as society, we don't make decisions like this, at least anymore it seems (unless someone important gets a kick back, see the Iraq war). Why not? Why should we make decisions based on dollar figures rather than what the dollar actually represents -- that is, prosperity?

I was somehow hoping that Barrack Obama would, as part of the stimulus, do what I thought was obvious -- creating jobs by investing in energy technologies vs or in addition to giving over -- let me spell it out -- $1,000,000,000,000 to (e.g.) Wall Street. I haven't done the math, but, really, how much clean energy would that buy us? Things to ponder