14:36 May 2, 2011

how i write a letter

...kinda sucks. So I switch computers, Alot . Which means I need a way of having a long email live in several places. Unfortunately, my mail program (which will remain nameless) isn't really quite up to bar here. Not to mention that an offline editor, whose purpose is to edit, is going to be Alot better at editing than something rolled into to a mail program. So I edit files and sync the files, something I already have a solution for . However, my problem is exacerbated by the fact that my MUA doesn't let me insert a file into my message :/ Nor, for reasons I don't understand but are probably intrinsic to X and/or GTK, does xclip -i < myemail.txt and shift+insert do what it should and solve about 90% of my problem. So here's what I do:

  1. Write the email.
  2. Start a new message

3. Make my screen really really tiny so I can copy and paste the entire email. 4. Paste the entire email.

Sound stupid? It is! How can it be 2011 and computers be so awful? :/