17:21 May 14, 2011

application of a wine rack

while from a perspective, a wine rack is essentially meaningless furniture, holding bottles that could just as easily stand on a floor, counter, or table uncontained, the wine rack presents the wine with a distinction that is both aesthetic and practical.

when retrieving a bottle from the wine rack, the guest is given an air of mystery to the story of the wine. is it a prized bottle saved through the years for this moment, or simply a forgotten vintage that has lingered and pulled out by chance?

wines tied to one's story should be buried deep, unseen in the wine rack, while more casual bottles should be more evident. the wine rack should be in no real categorical order, save perhaps for very large racks where such is necessitated.

all bottles in a wine rack should be good, or at least presumed very good if they have not yet been tasted. a poor wine presented from the rack will cast doubt to the quality of the entire collection. lesser wines unworthy of the rack, if kept at all, should be kept physically separate so that the bringing of a wine from the rack -- part of an occasion -- is not confused with simply drinking an indistinct wine.

when the wine is presented to a guest, the story of the wine, if mentioned at all, should be only as a trivium in the context of a party favor. it should not be boasted of, only presented as the condensation of its story .it should never be mentioned out of obligation or to alert the guest that they are drinking an especially distinct wine. the nuance must be appreciated through its rise to the senses, not by casting attention upon it. of course when the nature of the wine is inquired into, such should be presented save when it would be uncouth.