16:57 October 25, 2011

The Cloud will change your life!

i was also thinking that what "The Cloud" means is exactly the opposite of what i care about from The Cloud so the idea of the badly name The Cloud is that it doesn't matter what computer I'm in front of wrt what i'm doing sure, it has disc, ram, cpu, but other than that its just a box so The Cloud (pretty much plan 9) is about not being tied in to a particular resource, federation whereas "The Cloud" means using a particular, locked in implementation which is not federation, its just a silo again

its amazing

people have problems; these problems are solvable but instead of solving them The Establishment provides something that looks shiny and fancy but has the exact same problems baked in that is the only problem, i think the only problem worth caring about, except, say, whether my cat is hungry or not

i need to meditate upon this