20:40 December 10, 2011

L. could picture in his mind perfectly the geometric reconstruction in Anton's thoughts of the port. He tried to read Anton's thoughts of his designs but it was too far of a reach already holding the mental map. Anton began to speak, but L. projected, 'No, let me try to read this way'.

His thoughts roused disproportionate anger in Anton, and the latter's mind came collapsing down around L.

"What is art?" Anton asked.

"An expression of--" L. began, but Anton nod his head and raised his hand as punctuation.

"'Expression' is enough," Anton said. He paused, the silence deeper for the stillness of mind. Then Anton leaned close, their faces almost touching. "What would you express unto the world?" There was no answer, for both knew the nameless that was pointed at. "While art can be wrought of only subtextures, and there is some skill expressed in doing so, not of such can all art be manifest," Anton continued, "Use your skill as means of your expression, not as its object."

L bowed his head.

"Shall we continue?" Anton asked rhetorically, and once again allowed their minds to commune in projection of the port's configuration.