14:22 March 21, 2012

Hollywood loves prequels! So how about...

The First of the Mohicans

starring H. Jon Benjamin

HJB: "Hi I'm Jon Mohican...first of the Mohicans."

Indian: "I haven't heard of the Mohican tribe."

HJB: "That's because I just started it. I started my own tribe. You should be impressed. Not very many people start their own tribe."

Indian: "Oh. So what is the role of the Mohicans?"

HJB: "Like I guess we have a creation story. Maybe a possum was carrying around a bag of marbles and then it spilled. And one of those marbles was the Earth."

Indian: "Oh."

HJB: "Its not very good, right? The point is I just made it up, just now. Maybe I can get an editor on it, jazz it up a bit. Maybe get a movie deal going."

Indian: "You don't look Indian."