11:19 March 25, 2012

I wish there was somewhere I could work besides my house and coffee houses. After a week of wet weather, I feel very cooped up at my house, and were my health my concern more than my work I would devote today to a day about town walking and otherwise concerned with my well being. But, I have shit to do. I like coffee houses, but I'm already caffeinated enough, and I tend to become overly obsessed with getting a seat. Its Sunday in the Mission and coffee houses are a popular destination for those in similar boats. I may try the Civic Center library, but again I'm unsure if I could actually sit down. Concerns of my property and wireless also make these options inconvenient.

What about working spaces, San Francisco? People get together in a fashion not necessarily social or asocial. I tend to work better with people around just because I get too much alone time and quiet time as it is. Guessing how things work, there is probably a "silent" "revolution" here amongst hipster with lots of hidden spaces that fall into the category of what I want. But I ain't hip, so tend to get left behind by such revolutions