20:24 May 5, 2012

Why I am an Idiot for Buying a Blu-ray Player

As I sit here I am sitting through the 10 minutes of pointless previews in front of "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" for the second time today. I've seen them once before and didn't care for them the first time. I love the movie. I hate the disc. I click on the menu buttons. "Operation not permitted." Why its the second time is that I paused the disc and tried to resume. "Operation not permitted."

Blu-rays are basically proprietery and piece of shit technology. Firstly, not all that well known, you can't get a spec for blu-ray without entering into a very expensive license agreement with the MPAA. That is, you can't build a blu-ray player if you are an engineer and want to make a free one. You can be sued for doing this.

This already annoys the hell out of me, and I probably should have listened to my conscience and not bought a player. But its the injury on top of insult that kills me. "Operation not permitted." "Operation not permitted." Why should I be beholden to information that I have paid for? If the disc had been distributed for free, I can understand why I should be expected to watch ads. I wouldn't agree with the reason, but I would understand. But I paid for this disc. Why the hell can't I just watch it?

Fuck you, MPAA. Fuck you.