11:30 February 17, 2013

Just when you thought they had scraped the bottom of the last rock for vampire-genre films...

"The candidate's resume is very impressive and all of his references check out. He aced all the phone screenings, so he looks like he's a pretty good match, but... Here's the thing: we think he's a vampire. But we can't ask him because that violates state law for hiring practices."

Job Interview with a Vampire

"...So if you could maybe figure out a way to ask him under the table. This company's got enough issues without having to deal with the undead. And this time I'm not talking about Perkins."

One candidate. Five interviewers. Four hours. If you like films in the form of job interviews -- or even if you don't -- then this is the must-see picture of this year.

"So it says here you're originally from Romania. What part?"

"You certainly seem to have the technical chops for the position, but we're really looking for well-rounded employees. Do you have any hobbies? I like cooking. Going to match a batch of my extra garlic pesto this weekend. Yum! Do you like garlic?"

"Yeah, I don't know why this room has all these mirrors in it. They must have put those in today. Do ya mind, um....moving just a little to the left? I want to see your reflection."

Tensions will run high. It could be that there is much more than the position at stake...

Vampire: "This is a vitch hunt! I vill sue all of you!"

From the makers of Blacula, Son of Blacula, and Assisted Living Dracula

This film is not yet rated due to the fact that we can't get anyone from the MPAA/CARA to watch it.