12:25 February 17, 2013

Remember, parents:

When your child uses profanities or otherwise raises juvenile trangressions against the social convention, don't in your fully deserved embarassment ssh! them or otherwise scold in typical negative-reinforcement discouragement. This just makes sacred cows out of the civilization, making them think that their anarchic idiocy is a unique opponent that had never been seen before (which goes some ways to explaining why each generation thinks that it alone is the premier of a new social order, until the next shout of upstarts come along...).

No! What you do is you slaughter the sacred cow, let it bleed out in front of them, and toss its head at their feet. That'll let them know that, oh yeah, what they're doing in challenging the order of civilization is an integral part of civilization, that this is thousands(?) of years old, and that they aren't very good at it and should perhaps go back to playing with blocks.

-- more parenting advice brought to you by someone that never wants to
be a parent