14:36 March 2, 2013

re http://k0s.org/blog/20130302141749

"Have you been keeping track? Of how many times they've swapped? Is it once? Twice? A million times and seven? Which one is this?"

"When people said that you spoke with great pretension but that what you have amounted to was sandcastles in which you catalogued the various ways of tilting at windmills, accomplishing nothing and vanishing with the tide, I have defended you and what you have, or so I believed until now, to those who held your future at stake, those with money and power and drive to get shit done. For I saw in you a genius, but like all genius one bordering on madness. Everyone saw the madness. Sadly, that is all I see today."

"Is it an accident, do you think, that such a complex and -- dare I say? Oh of course I dare, I am impelled! -- over the top metaphor that you tell others cursed upon me as an epithet is as appears in my writing? Though surely I think you mean, 'vanishing forever with the tide'."

"Are you claiming it does appear?"

"Would such change which path through the gestalt you beheld?"