15:27 March 2, 2013

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"I think, I feel, I breathe, I percept. I speak these words and walk doing so, gesturing. You cannot deny that I feel these things."

"Where does the dream go when the dreamer awakens? When the dreamer donning their own affection as masquerade speaks to another spectre in the thoughtscape of the lunar umbral occlusion, does the dreamer wake to wondering where does abide the conciousness they were conversing with, or has it vanished into ether?"

"You told me once that when you were a child that a character amongst a recurring cast once asked where he went when you woke."

"No longer can I recall were that true or merely a fleeting imagining, make-believe I had convinced myself of. So you can guess how much of me is in this. I don't know anymore. I'm not even sure what the difference is."

"Since both are imaginings, both sides of your mind."

"For the span of time before our primate anscestors, down to rodents to even deeper, the terrors of dreaming...the uncarved nature of the universe. For we wake and, as men of science, men who have no argument capable of being invoked against rational thought, take the mind's mechanism as the network of cables spinning in their electrochemical sea from when we cast the first measurement. It is just a dream. And how recent in our past was this beyond knowing, and how still beyond so many that sureness....of measurement."

"And yet."

"And yet. We do not speak of it for then the walls of science come crashing down, the crowd burning and looting in their rush to egress that which they espouse so dearly but cannot even name, for to speak of it is to recall that it, civilization, rests upon the tip of a needle."

"'The laws describing any closed system cannot be complete within the scope of the closed system.' Whatever that law is. I am horrible with names, especially when they seem so obviously true once you hit them. I guess I have too surrendered my stance of neutrality."

"What days are these when science take their learning from stagecraft, and philosophers profess against knowledge, both smiling as they so thought in cunning secret and carrying the placards of the eccentric reading 'THE END IS NEAR' for none to see? While the young and still romantic may claiming thinking they speak the truth that they can conceive of this as just a dream....there is not a man that builds their pin-balancing act upon that."

"Your definition of nihilism, then. The pin does not exist."

"Never has been conceived as existed."


"Heh. Not this time. Your wit was always sharper yet underpraised. For my notoriety of carrying the sharpest blade my name more said. But I could not have guessed that it would claim the origin of grid coordinates."

"I did almost wish it to be 'vanished into the very ether itself !' for a part of me."

"... We are not awake yet