16:46 March 2, 2013

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now back in this sphere. Did the puppets spring to life? The molecules rescued from their zero-energy rotation?"

"Then to change it once..."

"Right. But now how many times has it been? How long have you stood here uselessly talking to me, thinking that I as the fictional author of a fiction was other than a puppet. Did you think it so? That I was above impelled?"

"You have always seemed-"


"But so I was, for so I was written. By me, if you want to think that way. And yet, not so. I am only glad I am too great a fool to worry about it."

"That's all there is?"

"I first conceived it as 'The cutting of the Frame'. We are such low and loathsome being and yet...we are so important, aren't we? '...in apprehension...' For so it was known and so the liar bearing the liar's mask was known since first self-deception was cast. But, such a temporal spin. You're right. I do sound a fool."

"I never said it."

"You were too nice to. I would not have been. So it is okay to be this idiotic man-monkey with fools that go pissing themselves in search of this imbued meaning in their suffering while there walk amongst us those who have been touched by those... Such is the problem with our position of rational thought. I slit that throat with Descartes' I guess, yet the blood on the knife was my own. The tenent of systems theory is correct. It is us that decided what our measurements meant, us that decided that dreams were the bubbles and we were the pond, and for our measurements mise en abyme-"

"And so we were ourselves."

"We closed the system. The author did. Whatever."

"For all stories