17:21 March 2, 2013

re http://k0s.org/blog/20130302164606

The frame, of course, being a visual metaphor. The mechanism of "transference" (as perceived) of roles from one state machine to a dual via application of reciprocity depends upon the mode of transcription of the relational model of the formalization of state, per the author [Ed note: should be 'inscription' v 'transcription']. The method by which an author denotes text flow, apropos context ibid., is of an incomparable form to that postulated from the metaphor, a literal frame of a painting communicative of state (or, equivalently, state of state, as implied and in fact redundant with the central thesis, but herein as done intentionally such that to restate in the face of the redundancy as essential to be recognized as inherent from the text (as a literary mechanism) in subtextual (herein, again: mise en abyme) dialectic with the reader to see the irony posed as appeal to ridicule whereby the reader in the spirit of all that is good walking back through entangled beards to, metaphorically, the trasmutation of hemlock to reason and laugh and accept that while it is not provable that the author is in fact the sort of thinker or even having percepted or existed as such, that to take anything other from this entendre is likely a fall from an informal fallacy to one of the formal variety. The exact reactions of readers may vary.) as presented as a system boundary.