18:02 March 17, 2013

Re: Love n laugh - 28 (Monterey )

> Hi... I am just a girl who loves to laugh and have a good time.

Hi. Your ad sounded great since I am a guy looking for a girl. However, I hate to laugh. Its so ungainly the way it contorts your face. It's like the bowel spasm of the mouth. And the sounds that come out -- "Ha ha ha" -- remind me of apes at the zoo. Disgusting. This isn't surprising, considering that laughter is a social lubricant which evolved as a signifier to others that everything is okay. Fuck that, I say. We don't glorify other involuntary reflexes; I don't see why we make an exception for this evolutionary throwback. People that laugh look like clowns, but if we give too much positive reinforcement to this form of complacency we'll end up more like the monkey shocked for obedience by a 1984-esque control agency.

LOL. Not.