13:31 March 24, 2013

What can I say...I'm honored and I'm angry

Hi Jeff,

After checking out your LinkedIn profile, I think we have some opportunities at Netflix that might be an exciting next step in your career. It's a great time to join Netflix - as we grow internationally, our test developers are constantly solving novel technical challenges and growing their experience.

I’d love to chat to learn more about you and share with you what we’re working on. Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more.


Hi ??????,

I am not looking for a new position at this time and am very happy at Mozilla -- exciting work, meaningful work, (well paying work), and great people.

That said, and meaning no disrespect, since software engineers are in high demand I would not be looking for opportunities with Netflix even if I was looking. I run linux, both for practicality and to further open source. Netflix's lack of streaming on linux has prevented me from really using the service to its full effectivity for years now. It would not be my first choice to throw my service at a company that not only doesn't embrace my ideals, but whose support of their opponent directly has lead to me not being able to use their product.

While I'm sure even if there was no technical barrier linux support would be, at best, "not officially supported", I imagine linux support would be very difficult due to using silverlight as a key component in the technology stack. Which points to one benefit of the OSS manner of unboxed vs. boxed: silverlight is a dying beast. As best I can tell, even Microsoft doesn't care about silverlight save for the relatively minor revenue it brings in. It is my objective belief that silverlight will ultimately become unsustainable to netflix and that netflix will have to invest in undoing the commitment to this proprietary piece of stack that it should have never used in the first place. Perhaps work is already underway. I would be very surprised if engineers did not already speak of this at your company. As an engineer, what incentive would I have to come to work at a company with such an obvious technology problem as well as the forecasting problems associated with it? It does not reflect well.

I don't say this to berate, but I do hope that lessons have been learned from this. I do like your service and, in contrast, what netflix has done (though purely for profit apropos motivation) in diminishing the control of existing media distributors I can get behind. My apologies for the longish and lateish reply; please note that any unexpected frankness is meant only as what it says: being honest for the sake of honesty.