21:04 April 4, 2013

It would be nice if there was a virtual lounge where "idea men" hang out and contemplate ways to solve problem, perhaps to act upon.

Inspiration: the quoting problem: http://k0s.org/hg/config/rev/2454d5a1728b

I wrote a python script to quote crap for me so that I could actually use logic (vs. that bash hacker for slackware crap I used to do) mostly so I could have a hotkey for it: http://k0s.org/hg/config/rev/bc8d098a2474

I briefly looked for something like http://k0s.org/hg/config/file/tip/python/quote.py for linux in the wild that'd be pretty generic, but quick googling didn't turn up anything, plus having something I can be insured is installed with http://k0s.org/hg/config is a worry off my mind.

Anyway, </background>

So obviously this isn't an interesting or clever script. But it got me thinking...what is the right tool for the job? Obviously probably not one right answer.

But...*It would be cool to have a forum where problems could be considered and solutions explored.*

IRC seems a no-brainer. But extant IRC culture, and maybe tech culture in general, seems to be about fitting a solution to a problem. What I'm talking about is more of a forum for understanding problems without necessarily even desiring a solution. Exploring "problems". General pontification.

Anyway...back to the real world