13:32 April 6, 2013

via the form of its enactment, Semantic HTML is a self-invalidating term

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italic_type#Web_pages, sans markup save the link of interest:

Conversely, if the italics are purely ornamental rather than meaningful, then semantic markup practices would dictate that the author use the Cascading Style Sheets declaration font-style: italic; along with an appropriate, semantic class name instead of an i or em element.

I can't imagine anyone who is capable of understanding (herein) Semantic HTML even at the most rudimentary level would even consider using an <i> element "purely ornamental"ly unless they knew the rule and in breaking affirmed the rule (see also the fragment http://k0s.org/blog/20130324210337 ). That is, given that the semantics of the quoted block itself is correct.

And if you agree with that....what is said here?

Playing with a dead snake again. My apologies. I'll put it down and try to remember not to pick up another with this as my lighthouse