10:40 May 2, 2013

I never know how to feel about quoting irc://irc.mozilla.org/#ateam even though its clearly public...

well, this is too zeitgeist:

10:20 < armenzg_mtg> jhammel: I forwarded you the email 10:20 < jhammel> armenzg_mtg: heh, well, i have it in my inbox ;) my inbox is, um... 10:20 < armenzg_mtg> jhammel: now it is at the top of it! 10:20 < jhammel> well, you know how ctalbert declared email bankruptcy at some point ;) 10:21 < jhammel> armenzg_mtg: heh, sadly that has become my prioritization system 10:21 < jhammel> which...really doesn't work :(

And...it's really true