17:28 May 12, 2013

i now know the depths i reach are limitless

I rarely make playlists that take much advantage of order these days (I rarely make playlists). In contrast to the era of analog tape, the mp3 world is a slice and mash bazaar where the order added is often semantically extraneous. But today I noticed a nice pattern in undertones and transitions between some songs I've been playing of late (and a few that I haven't) that did flow...nicely.


Download/02 - Mothersonne.m4a
fsol/Future Sound Of London Dead Cites.mp3
AphexTwin/Aphex Twin - Drukqs - vordhosbn.MP3
elliotsmith/16 Bye.m4a
pigface/01 - Flowers Are Evil.mp3
nin/The Downward Spiral/12 - Reptile.mp3
sistermachinegun/Sister Machine Gun - This Metal Sky.wmv.MP3
lpd/The Tear Garden/1993 - Sheila Liked The Rodeo/03 - Sheila Liked The Rodeo.mp3
skinnypuppy/Remix Dys Temper/04-Killing Game [Autechre Remix].mp3
sistermachinegun/Sister Machine Gun - Addiction.MP3
skinnypuppy/Process/11-Cellar Heat.mp3
nin/The Downward Spiral/13 - The Downward Spiral.mp3

(title from now i'm nothing)