13:20 November 19, 2014

she rose from a dreamless sleep. the nocturnal fog had, evidently, pervaded the room. mists rolled, cutting the scant yellow light of the hanging lamp left swaying after turning its switch.

transitioning the haze filled pitch to the bathroom, she drank of the water glass she left for herself for insomniac bouts and bladder relief runs. the mirror returned her blank face, one of thoughts still more contained in dreams than reality.

her image curled her lips in a wry smile. she was not smiling

extradimensional geometries snapped stranding her behind glass, pressed against it, her grinning double granting her one last look before turning and walking out of the bathroom until her shadows on the mist were not seen . though she could feel the glass cold on her fingertips, her sight only evidenced her free form trapped in the mirror, shrouded in mist, the cutting plane just visible in her peripheral vision. drops condensed