00:10 May 18, 2015

Nautilus are headliners!

Thank you for hosting so many wonderful cephalopods at the Tentacles exhibit. This was our second visit and we came back to see all of our amazing underappreciated armed and tentacled friends.

Some of our favorites are the nautilus. it is enchanting to watch the little chuggers in their reef just doing what nautilus do. they're sometimes described as living fossils, but it is perhaps more fair to say of these most ancient cephalopods that their form works so well the span of their species as compared to ours is greater than our lifetime as compared to a cricket.

We couldn't help but notice their conspicuous absence in your headline for the tentacles exhibit: "The Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefishes Special Exhibition" (from http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals-and-experiences/exhibits/tentacles ). Nautilus are headliners! we were pleasantly surprised to see how many patrons of all ages looked on in happy wonder at your nautilus tank. it is good to know we aren't the only people who can relate to these "underdogs of cephalopods" (Dr. Jennifer Basil, in "Teaching Ancient Nautilus New Tricks", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIheRYcm6sI ).

We would beseech you to include the Nautilus amongst the cephalopod family members, on your website, and elsewhere as practicable. They deserve the recognition which can help educating the public about marine life and bring to attention that the Nautilus is threatened by extinction because of human greed for their beautiful shells. If more people knew how endangered these beautiful creatures are, hopefully their plight would improve.

Thank you for including the Nautilus in your tentacles exhibit and raising public awareness about these most amazing invertebrates. We love the exhibit and how much the Monterey Bay Aquarium does for marine life and awareness and respect for the Ocean. We hope you will consider including our friend, the Nautilus, in your headline in its rightful place beside the other cephalopods.

-- an open letter to the Monterey Bay Aquarium