18:33 February 2, 2017

Are there jobs left that are worthwhile?

I'm in the position of looking for a job. As a veteran of the open-source revolution, the computer job prospects of 2017 look bleak comparatively to a decade ago. Sure, I was young and idealistic. I wanted a job in open source software because it meant something. I wanted a job that could do good because why not? I wanted to work on cutting edge technologies because they're exciting.

Now I'm older. I've added 'Senior' to the front of my 'Software Engineer' title. I want a job where I can use linux as my primary operating system because its easier than the alternatives. I want to work using open-source methodologies because obfuscating information is a waste of time. I care less about how close to the edge the technologies I use are or their promise, rather than are they right for the problems I solve, and whether those are problems that are worth solving. My ideals are largely unchanged; I've just become more realistic in the expectations I can expect from an employer and in the weighing of idealism compared to the prosperity of those close to me in my life.

Are there still jobs left where I can use my skills in whatever capacity to earn a decent wage that aren't in the quiet desparation that has come over the industry? How can I find them? I cannot expect not to compete for interesting problems, but I should be able not to have to. I cannot expect not to work with egos (I'm sure I have some left of my own), but I should expect that this isn't where a lot of effort goes. I can't expect to engineer a better world, but I should expect that my tasked efforts are not too deeply hindered by the fall back into the dark ages of proprietery information.

Anyone know where I can start looking?