15:16 September 16, 2020

With his Mentat training, Paul learned the logic to make plans with precision.

Learning the Bene Gesserit way, Paul mastered his own faculties.

As a warrior, Paul learned to conquer adversity.

As the son of a Duke, he acquired the wisdom to lead justly.

As a Fremen, Paul learned the importance of connection to one's environment.

As a spice addict, he learned that nothing comes for free.

And as the Kwisatz Haderach, Paul saw this very moment on the Golden Path.

(In the style of Key and Peele's "Judge Jesse", by the Princess Irulan)

"As a Mentat, I've calculated that your plan has zero chance of success. With my Bene Gesserit training, I can sense your nervousness and esteem that you have also come to this conclusion. As a warrior, I have outmatched your forces and can conclude this matter militarily if necessary. As the son of Duke Leto, I'm the logical choice to take your daughter's hand and the throne. And as the Kwisatz Haderach, I have seen all paths to the future and they all go through you. Now where's some of that spice?" -- Paul Atreides to Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV