The 5'9" phenomenon

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yet another reason girls don't like me

Have any Craigslist w4m readers noticed that the girls who like tall guys have a magical cut-off height? Namely 5'9". If you're taller than this, you're fine (unless the girls are really short...then the cutoff is 6'). If you're shorter than this, well, you might as well stay home and show Rosy Palm a good time. I'm 5'8", so I know this pain, all too well. If only God didn't make me defective! Oh, to be one of the beautiful people. But since sex is just an animal instinct designed for procreation, I suppose there's no big loss. Still, I was so startled at the phenomena I typed a search for 5'9" in Craigslist's search engine and got 50 hits for this height specifically.

Here's just a few of the posts, with my comments...I think I'm getting somewhere on this research!