Is Western-style Capitalism Untenable?

Everyone is worried about the recent market downturn and financial instability, and now, somewhat relieved that "the experts" have reassured them that its not as bad as was predicted. But what is the root of the crisis? Fake money. Credit was being greedily given and just as greedily taken faster than infrastructure could follow and into that gap fell first consumers, many of which would lose all their assets when they could not pay the debts they easily accrued, then lenders, when the system became resistant to their predatory lending. So, really, the crisis of wall street is the echo of the crisis on main street and maybe the echoes will dampen and things will look okay for awhile.

The question that no one is asking is how this temporary shortfall of resources in response to expansion of spending is a forecast for the general diminishing of resources as the Western economic dream proves misaligned to the reality that there is only so much to go around and we have already consumed so much of it.