The Reality of Neural Nets

The idea that humans should be rational is predicated in . However, this is presented from the point of view that there is a native way that a neural net may operate.

The human mind evolved because natural selection in situ favored analytic decision making alongside a matrix of other genetically-transmitted control algorithms. While survival is misperceived as the goal of evolution -- it being a process and not a being -- it is certainly possibly to act, conciously, towards ends other than strict survival. We do not want, in rich countries, for necessity of food or water. Rather our system is more abstract. We are participants in a social system, whereby loose contract, one exchanges a commodity (usually: labor) quid pro quo (food, shelter, etc).

We do not societally study the sustainability of such a system

we are machines operating the machine

what is good and bad?

where does personalities come from? humans of products of evolution ; undifferentiated gray matter When we ask whence a personality develops, quickly nature+nuture are pointed to. Nature == DNA. Nuture == a person's experiences. So do we judge a person negatively for their DNA? Do we judge someone from their experiences? Experiences are built, again, from DNA and prior experience, so how can we say that we like or dislike a person and have it mean anything outside of the colloquial? When we are in love with a person, we are in love with a computer program (and we are a computer program in love with another computer program).

Acceptance/rejection. Human animals have a soical need for acceptance. Given unbiased circumstances (a hypothetical objective being with predisposition to paranoia), a person should[*] logically seek help and allegiance under favorable conditions. If however, this person is rejected, this stimulates a resopnse -- either of further attempts towards compliance and even self-subjucation to gain approval for the weak-willed, or total aversion for the strong-willed. Why should it be that one should compromise one's self in order to end up in a subordinate position? Sadly, society is built (chiefly) from these two mechanisms. The weak subjugate themselves for the benefit of support, the controlling gather and subjugate the weak, and those who are neither become outcast.

sex, drive for children - what is the point? Procreation -- producing more homo sapien neural nets -- is held as something "good" that one "should do" for the furtherment of society. Firstly, the furtherment of society should not be taken fundamentally as a value. It is a derived value. Moving on. Those who exhibit desirable (proliferative) characteristics -- intelligence, wealth, good looks -- are told they should have children to further these characteristics (regardless of lack or contradiction of analytic research to the long-term viability and effect of their propagation). Child-bearing is thus equated with desriability, and not having children is a social negative. In addition, like all saleable fields of desirability, it can be marketed. The idea of home and hearth, in extension and perversion of archaic tradition (as perceived by the intuitive brain versus analyzed), is held as a value in culture: one that may be sold to and used to judge by. It is an example of a base instinct and biological process used as a control mechanism. Interestingly, in this aspect, it is divorced from sex.

We need to nuture process, as a transcendent property, over survival-based thinking. We need to stop treating ourselves, autocannibalisticly, as a species to be conquered and controlled. We collectively are the controllers.

comparitive intelligence - what is the point?

achieving what you want -> deciding what you want : quest for meaning

there is no inherent meaning in the universe

there is no way of knowing what reality inherently is The upper-echelon workers cast ourselves into expert roles. We may know the intricacies of, say, one computer program. But do we know how the bits are flipped, the operation and manufacture of a FET, the electricity usage, the political and corporate implications of their actions? One's expertise is a specialization born of the impossibility of knowing the infinite intricacies of all connected aspects. The neural net is finite == experience is finite.

no one can say what conciousness is

what is information?

Divorce yourself from the petty vanities of self and its incesant programmatic concerns. We are simply machines, miniscule cogs in a universe, and as surely as machines we can be operated.

To what end?

It is with that thought you should gauge telepathy.

removing the perforated strips from a spiral notebook after tearing out another page, i realized that this moment holds some truth at what life is