Why All Databases Are Awful

Databases....most people don't really think about them. Most programmers don't really think about them that much. I mean, most programmers probably have to do SQL queries or otherwise do work to interface with a database, but, eh, its a thing to do right? SQL is etched in stone. What other RDB is there but SQL? It must be the way to do it?

Of course this comes from the casual acceptance that most programmers have towards things in general. It is computer science, in the worst possible sense of the phrase. Preceding work is, in fact, the Universe to be Studied. Databases are awful. Quite frankly, I might leave programming because databases are awful, and more so because no one cares about how much this hurts me.

Wait, what? Why are databases awful? Surely you have a need to store your data, right? And anything on top of that, well, that's just nice.

Let's take a step back and figure out how you'd want to store your data. What are the requirements for a good database?

How do you make a filesystem a viable database?