age author description
4 years Jeff Hammel remove hack around downstream snafu (martINI, ConfigParser)default tip
4 years Jeff Hammel just require genshi for now
4 years Jeff Hammel merge commit
4 years Jeff Hammel illustrate genshi transformer
4 years Jeff Hammel sketch of how to hook up imports for genshi transformer
4 years Jeff Hammel add the genshi transformer
4 years Jeff Hammel ugly f-ing hack
4 years Jeff Hammel allow transformers to take kwargs
4 years Jeff Hammel allow graphviz to serve svg
4 years k0s version update
4 years k0s added transformer just of content-type name
4 years k0s * separate out get_response to its own function
4 years k0s adding example html files for upcoming Genshi transformer
4 years k0s use abstract base class for transformers so that behaviour can be streamlined
5 years k0s correct package name spelling
5 years k0s include more setup metadata
5 years k0s move transformers getting method to a standalone function
5 years k0s graphviz now works, giving real version
5 years k0s restructured text now works
5 years k0s now works, just doesnt do anything, i dont think
5 years k0s initial commit of contenttransformer; still in the stub stage