age author description
2 years Jeff Hammel hopefully fix unicode issuedefault tip
2 years Jeff Hammel reverse order the log for display
3 years Jeff Hammel add ability to log uploads
3 years Jeff Hammel * fix syntax
3 years Jeff Hammel make it safe
3 years Jeff Hammel optionally display upload directory contents
3 years Jeff Hammel use a better way of setting True/False values
3 years Jeff Hammel handle more gracefully when no file is uploaded
3 years Jeff Hammel dont just die on questionable filenames
3 years Jeff Hammel make work for non pastescript frameworks
4 years egj better error message
4 years egj typos
4 years egj typos
4 years egj fix typoe
4 years egj shorter long description
4 years k0s make query_string argument more universal
4 years k0s fix the way query string works
4 years k0s more metadata for setup.py
4 years k0s make sure self.app is actually callable
4 years k0s allow to be used as middleware
4 years k0s include handling of subpaths
4 years k0s * optionally require auth
4 years k0s initial commit of file upload widget