Making Our Python Reusable

Author: Joel Maher & Jeff Hammel - Automation and Testing
Date: All Hands, September 2011


Mozilla has a LOT of code for harnesses and tools, the majority of it is duplicated code and we are going to do something about it!


Python in Mozilla-Central

Our test harnesses (xpcshell , reftest, mochitest , etc.) and build tools in mozilla-central have significant python pieces.

Other Python at Mozilla

Many other harnesses (mozmill, talos , jetpack , firebug , speedtests, ...) and tools (buildbot , pulse , OrangeFactor , ...) are an integral part of Mozilla's infrastructure

Python in the Wild

Proposed Changes in m-c

From Wonky to Reusable

Open Questions

There are known issues in python packaging with no singular solution. What is the long term strategy? What should we do in the interim?


We're a big consumer of python. We need to work on giving back to the community. This helps us, and it helps python. If our needs aren't known or addressed, they can't be fixed.


If it's generally useful, help others use it!