The Story of Orion

a lemur's tale

Hi, I'm Orion! And welcome to my page!

I'm a ring-tail lemur and I like to go on adventures, like going for walks or dining about town. I put up this page to tell about my adventures. I hope you like it!

You can learn more about me here.

My adventures

I go on lots of adventures and like to write about them! I hope you like reading!

About my name

I was named after Orion the Hunter. He has a constellation named after him too. SEE?

Even though I'm a girl, I like my name and think its really cool to be named after the stars of Orion.

My Videos

There's only one right now. But you can see me riding a steam train on my family vacation.

And now you can see my impression of Jigsaw: do you want to play a game?

Also, Henry made me a very sweet video for me when I was in New York. He's just the best!

Other lemurs

There are lots of lemurs on the web!


Thank you for helping the lemurs!