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+CAPTCHA Auth Middleware
+CAPTCHAauthmiddleware is a WSGI middleware python packages for putting
+CAPTCHAs on forms for unauthorized users (those that haven't logged in
+yet).  If you aren't authorized -- in python terms, if remote_user is
+not set on the request -- then CAPTCHAs and a hidden key will be added
+to forms with ``method=POST``.  You will be required to correctly
+solve the CAPTCHA in order to submit the POST request.  Otherwise, the
+CAPTCHAauthmiddleware will stop your request and redirect you back to
+the form.
+What are CAPTCHAs?  -or- I hate those things
+CAPTCHAs are admittedly imperfect ways of telling humans and computers
+apart.  Presumedly if you are already identified (logged in), then the
+computer is satisfied that you are you.  But what if you want to make
+an anonymous comment on someone's blog post?  In a perfect world,
+there would be no CAPTCHAs.  In the real world, there is SPAM.  So if
+I want to protect my blog from SPAM-bots, I need to do something.
+Again, CAPTCHAs aren't perfect, but they're at least something.
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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
 import sys, os
+# read the description from the file
+    description = file(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'README.txt')).read()
+    description = '' 
 version = "0.2"
       description="put CAPTCHAs on forms",
-      long_description="""
+      long_description=description,
       classifiers=[], # Get strings from
       author='Jeff Hammel',
       packages=find_packages(exclude=['ez_setup', 'examples', 'tests']),