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@@ -50,56 +50,57 @@ and point your browser to the URL it giv
 how do i do more with decoupage?
 Since filenames can't start with a ``/`` (just try it!), the
 functionality of decoupage may be extended with ``/`` commands in a
 section.  This is done by adding a setuptools ``entry_point`` to
 ``[decoupage.formatters]``.  See the decoupage ```` and
-``decoupage.formatters`` for examples.  For instance, 
+``decoupage.formatters`` for examples.  For instance,
 Running `decoupage-formatters` from the command line gives the list of
 formatters that are available (which are pluggable setuptools extension points
 at [decoupage.formatters]).  For example: /include = site.html could
 include the site.html genshi template at the top of the body.
-    determines how to sort the files in a directory; 
+    determines how to sort the files in a directory;
     right now only by case-insensitive alphabetically
     * reverse : reverse the order of the sorting
-    only pass files of a certain pattern; 
+    only pass files of a certain pattern;
     the inverse of ignore
     calling all with no arguments means only files with descriptions
     are used
     splits a description into a title and a description via a
-    separator in 
+    separator in
     the description.  The template will now have an additional
-    variable, 
+    variable,
     'title', per file
     * separator: what separator to use (':' by default)
     obtain the description from the filename
     the file extension (if any) will be dropped and
     spaces will be substituted for underscores
-    ignore files of a glob patterns.  
+    ignore files of a glob patterns.
     These files will not be linked to in the template.
-    e.g. /ignore = .* *.pdf  # don't list dotfiles and PDFs
+    e.g. ``/ignore = .* *.pdf  # don't list dotfiles and PDFs``
 include: include a file at the top of the body
 css: specify CSS used (whitespace separated list)
 Decoupage also makes use of other special intrinsic keywords:
 formatters: ordered list of formatters to apply
 inherit: inherit configuration from a certain directory (instead of
 the parent
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@@ -1,17 +1,17 @@
 from setuptools import setup
 # use README as long_description
     description = file("README.txt").read()
 except IOError:
     description = ''
-version = '0.13.2'
+version = '0.13.3'
       description="Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects ... The software decoupage lets you stitch together index pages from filesystem content",
       classifiers=[], # Get strings from
       author='Jeff Hammel',