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@@ -1,22 +1,21 @@
 what is it?
-decoupage is a static file server that allows for index pages
+`decoupage` is a *dynamic* file server that allows for index pages
 configurable with genshi templates and .ini files.  I mainly wrote it
 because i was tired of using apache for serving my website and
 generating index.html files by hand.  Decoupage provides views into
 the filesystem.
 how do i use it?
 Set up a `paste <>`_ .ini file that specifies the
 directory to serve (````) and, optionally, a
 configuration file .ini file (``decoupage.configuraton``) which
 specifies the labels for the files based on directory. An example of a
 `paste <>`_ .ini file is in
@@ -79,17 +78,17 @@ all:
     splits a description into a title and a description via a
     separator in 
     the description.  The template will now have an additional
     'title', per file
     * separator: what separator to use (':' by default)
     obtain the description from the filename
     the file extension (if any) will be dropped and
     spaces will be substituted for underscores
     ignore files of a glob patterns.  
     These files will not be linked to in the template.
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 decoupage: a view with webob to index and serve static content
+# TODO:
+# files like `index.ini`
+# ->
+# oops. Handle it better
+# - either # is a magic hide character
+# - or you urlescape that guy
 import os
 import sys
 from import FileTypeTransformer
 from import transformers
 from datetime import datetime
 from formatters import formatters
 from genshi.builder import Markup