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 Posterity is gained...
 I mostly wrote smartopen to help me.  That it has.
 However...a few things....
+- there should be a local version
 - better way of setting up handlers?
-- really, i want to push down to choose what i think the handler is,
-  but only should we I release the hand that Jesus becomes Magic
-  (sorry, I hate the movie too)
+- really, i want to push down to choose what i think the handler is;
+  that is, in some ideal world, I press (e.g.) Ctrl+Alt+s ; if i
+  *release* then i get the default, but i am shown the several matches
+  and can A. make my choice at that point; -or- B. interact in an even
+  more creative way
-....and more?
+See also mad scramblings from the comments atop
 Was reading about catfish....e.g.
 file search tool that support several different engines
 A file search tool using different backends which is configurable via
 the command line.
 This program acts as a frontend for different file search engines.
 The interface is intentionally lightweight and simple. But it takes
 configuration options from the command line.
 Currently find, locate, tracker, strigi, pinot, and beagle are