age author description
4 months Jeff Hammel STUB: decoupage/ decoupage/index.pydefault tip
4 months Jeff Hammel add stub shell script for index.ini creatoin
5 months Jeff Hammel STUB: decoupage/
6 months Jeff Hammel directory indicator
6 months Jeff Hammel decoupage/
7 months Jeff Hammel print datestamps
7 months Jeff Hammel add command line serving
7 months Jeff Hammel cli client
7 months Jeff Hammel CLI
8 months Jeff Hammel unicode
12 months Jeff Hammel bump version
12 months Jeff Hammel oops
12 months Jeff Hammel add some dates and fix some bugs!
15 months Jeff Hammel something about hash marks in filenames
15 months Jeff Hammel fix this muthafuckin assertion
15 months Jeff Hammel ???
19 months Jeff Hammel better error message
23 months Jeff Hammel error and bump
23 months Jeff Hammel introduce templated 404s; works, just doesnt do anything yet
23 months Jeff Hammel stub for 404 page
23 months Jeff Hammel fix rss bug
24 months Jeff Hammel make template loading lenient and other fixes; bump version
24 months Jeff Hammel whitespace cleanup
24 months Jeff Hammel quick cleanup
2 years Jeff Hammel make sort formatter more extensible and add a random method
2 years Jeff Hammel improvements to the inclusion template
2 years Jeff Hammel add inclusion template
3 years Jeff Hammel return exceptions rather than just raise them; needed for wsgiref and who knows what other servers
3 years Jeff Hammel move app_conf parsing logic to
3 years Jeff Hammel include head.html in the master template
3 years Jeff Hammel remove previous hacks
3 years Jeff Hammel add some RSS
3 years Jeff Hammel make formats classes that can take arguments
3 years Jeff Hammel depend on py2rssgen; not hooked up yet
3 years Jeff Hammel more stubbing for RSS
3 years Jeff Hammel dont show size for directories
3 years Jeff Hammel merge commit
3 years Jeff Hammel add documentation for formats and a stub
3 years Jeff Hammel dont capitalize unimportant words
3 years Jeff Hammel work towards refactor letting links (and maybe other things in the future) dwell in a decoupage namespace
3 years Jeff Hammel add "-" to list of FilenameDescription separators
3 years Jeff Hammel add size of file to metadata
3 years Jeff Hammel add idea of formats and json format
3 years Jeff Hammel add more metadata to files: modification time, type
3 years Jeff Hammel * make head.html actually be correct;
3 years Jeff Hammel add a stub head template for inclusion; not sure if this is the way to go; alternatively, each formatter could contribute to the markup individually
3 years Jeff Hammel add order formatter (untested)
3 years Jeff Hammel typo
3 years Jeff Hammel actual sane error handling that human beings can read and decipher
3 years Jeff Hammel print which formmaters werent available
4 years Jeff Hammel and a commit following a merge, goody goody...lets get a snack
4 years Jeff Hammel add arguments to transformers....configparser is somewhat retarded about capitalization so im going to be somewhat retarded here rather than google for how to fix right now. lame
4 years Jeff Hammel using a blank title will have the title be the filename
4 years Jeff Hammel bump version following distribution
4 years Jeff Hammel alter setup metadata
4 years k0s adding TODO items
4 years k0s better way of doing up; this breaks old behaviour so incrementing version
4 years k0s merged some stuff
4 years k0s include components necessary to make decoupage feel almost like a framework
4 years k0s included a links formatter; restructure index template